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This COVID-19 pandemic has changed every spectrum of life. From work to education, everything shifted to the world of the internet. Though the online world saved many children from losing a year or more of their academics, it also raised the concern of quality educations as it became more accessible for the students to cheat during their exams.

Apparently, students cheating on their exams while sitting at home became a significant challenge at the school’s authority’s hands, specifically when the students are smart enough to crack the proctor system used by schools. To cope with the issue, academicians and institutions have been coming up with respective custom-made system software. One such tool is ExamSoft.

Though this new software sounds complicated and may seem like there is no scope for ExamSoft cheating, then you are mistaken. However, before we get into the tricks, let’s first understand what ExamSoft software is about.

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What is ExamSoft?

What is ExamSoft?

You must have understood that ExamSoft is a software or a tool related to school and online classes. In simple terms, ExamSoft is software that provides a platform for online schooling for students and teachers, offering online courses. This program is widespread nowadays in middle schools and high schools.

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As per the official website’s description, ExamSoft aims to help academic institutions improve student learning with the help of secure assessment tools and software, data, insights, and reports.

If we talk about its features, ExamSoft comes with some essential features like translation, its repetitive nature, generic tone, and lack of interactivity. Moreover, ExamSoft has a per-students licensing model, which costs between $350 and $1,000 per learner.

Although the system might sound foolproof and reliable, which it is, it has some loopholes that leave scope for the students to do ExamSoft cheating.

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Examsoft for students requires them to attend the class and complete around six daily tasks in a limited period. As a result, it can lead to students lagging behind, specifically those who are slow learners. Due to its robotic and numb nature, some educators found that ExamSoft teaches learners to study and complete the task in a rush instead of working at their own pace.

Therefore, some students out there wish to do ExamSoft Cheating so that they can efficiently finish ExamSoft’s exams and assignments and move on to something new. 

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What is ExamSoft Used for?

What is ExamSoft Used for?

ExamSoft is one of the newest tools in high demand for schools and other such institutions. It is a proven excellent alternative to other old-school and outdated systems. ExamSoft software has helped schools reduce cheating to the barest minimum.

The software comprises lessons and courses and conducts tests and examinations in the form of ExamSoft assignments. ExamSoft uses digital and creative ways such as videos and edits to teach the chapters and lessons to the learner.

On the other hand, ExamSoft for students provides a ready-made and standardized curriculum based on audio-video teachings. However, the software tries hard to blend its environment and match it to the settings of the high and middle schools. Teachers can monitor ExamSoft students’ performance based on their activities, completion of lessons, and tests. Besides, the educators or the teachers are allowed to make changes to the already prescribed curriculum.

While other such software had various loopholes that the students could easily use for their selfish means, ExamSoft Cheating has become a concern for the students. The structure of ExamSoft is so strong that almost no student could even try to cheat during their exams.

Nonetheless, cheating in exams in the presence of ExamSoft for students might not be a piece of cake, but nobody said it was impossible. There are some tricks and other possible methods with the help of which, students can crack and hack this new, all robust software and get a little help during their exams.

How to Hack ExamSoft?

As we already discussed multiple reasons why a student or a learner would want to opt or do ExamSoft cheating, now it’s time to learn how to hack ExamSoft.

Earlier, we stated that ExamSoft is a tailor-made software to deal with cheating in exams by students. Indeed, the creators of ExamSoft and ExamsSoft exam did their best to leave no loophole. Therefore, hacking into ExamSoft monitoring is not an easy task.

In order to successfully hack into the software and cheat in ExamSoft’s exam, one will need various resources and appropriate tools. There are rarely any articles or information online that could explain the proper working to hack this learning software. However, you can check out a few videos which could explain the hacking process step by step, and it would be easier to understand than learning with words.

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Can ExamSoft Detect Cheating?

Can ExamSoft Detect Cheating?

Detecting the practice of cheating in an exam or any other such wrongdoing is not a proven feature of ExamSoft. However, some people with experience in Examsoft Record shared their worries about getting detected.

This program has a feature of ExamSoft monitoring and an alert system that notifies the educator every time a student appears for an exam, test, or assignment. It also allows the teachers to check the work done and submitted by the students before unlocking it for its further and final high-stakes assessment.

However, whether these features help an educator detect ExamSoft cheating, the answer is not yet known.

The powerful features of ExamSoft for students have made it hard or almost impossible to cheat, but the detection feature is not yet known. However, people have had specific ways of playing around with the software without getting caught.

Nonetheless, even though you might not get caught red-handed while Cheat Examsoft, online course programs such as ExamSoft do run a check for Plagiarism with ExamSoft monitoring. Hence, if not directly, your cheating can be detected once your work is submitted. Therefore, you can consider plagiarism checking to be the ultimate weapon of educators against ExamSoft cheating. Even then, there are ways to avoid plagiarism. Besides, no plagiarism detection method is entirely foolproof, you need to be wise and smart to even cheat in the ExamSoft exam.

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Does ExamSoft always record you?

The previous section discovered that ExamSoft alerts the educator whenever a learner sits or appears for an examination. The teacher also has the permit to check your work before locking it in for assessment. But those are the last concerns for students aiming at ExamSoft cheating.

So do ExamSoft really always record you? Being recorded while giving a test of ExamSoft is one of the major concerns of the students who depend on cheating and trick to pass their way out. And the answer to this complicated question is, unfortunately, yes.

When a learner enrolls in ExamSoft, the software gets access to every student’s personal data. The educators and ExamSoft can record you while you take your exam or assessment. The software carries out this function with the help of the ExamSoft monitoring feature. ExamSoft has an ExamSoft monitoring device, especially for this purpose.

ExamMonitor allows the tutors to record the video and audio of the students while taking exams, which can be used for future review. After the completion of the exam, tutors go through the videos (if required) to check for possible breaches such as cheating on ExamSoft. Not only video, but ExamSoft also record the exam takers’ audio as well as a screen to check what appears on a student’s screen. Also, find out Canvas Detect Cheating.

How to do ExamSoft Cheating?

Let’s explore how to cheat on a testLearning about audio-video and screen recording by ExamSoft might have worried you about cheating. But still, you can find a way to ExamSoft cheating. Follow these points to easily crack your ExamSoft exam with a little outside help:

How to Cheat ExamSoft?


Although Examsoft uses the screen recording option, a webcam cannot record the screen. Hence, you can keep an extra textbook in front of your screen in such a manner that it doesn’t appear on the webcam. The webcam can notice your eye movement to check where you are looking. But you can use the blindspot as the computer screen, and the webcam is on the same plane. Also, while removing the book, make sure to slide it away while maintaining your eye level with the webcam.

Use Another Laptop or Phone 

You can use your second laptop or mobile phone precisely the same way as described in the textbook. However, make sure it doesn’t ring or make any sound that could be detected by the educator.

Hire Experts to Take Your Test

If you don’t want to appear for the test at all, you can hire a professional or an expert to take your test on your behalf. Even if you have studied for the test and still don’t feel adequately prepared for it, many experts are experienced in such systems, including ExamSoft.

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Study for the Test

Everybody wants their work done most efficiently. But it’s not always possible. Cheating for a test might sound cool or easy, but it does come with so many risks, especially on online platforms. With software like ExamSoft and its features like ExamSoft monitoring, it is better to study as per your pace and crack the exam with your knowledge and skill, and with all fair means.

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Software like ExamSoft has become the need of the hour ever since the pandemic changed every aspect of life. However, with the ease of working, the online world has also brought some issues, such as students cheating in exams while sitting in the comfort of their homes. Hence, ExamSoft is deemed to be the right fit to tackle the issue. However, everything has a loophole, and there is always a way out. ExamSoft cheating is still possible only if you play smart. However, it is still suggested that studying and taking up the exam fairly would be the best alternative. Nonetheless, we hope one of the above-mentioned tips and tricks will help you crack the exam with Examsoft Record.

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