How to get Chegg for free? How long does Chegg take to answer? Are you looking for answers to the above questions? Whether free or with a subscription, you can get all the answers here.

There are different ways to get Chegg answers free online without paying fees. For example, you can have Chegg answers by utilizing their mobile app on an iOS or Android device.

You can view Chegg answers free from several websites. Remember to explore our helpful tips on How To Write A Lab Report while you click here. Finally, some schools give students who pay tuition access to a free Chegg premium account!

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How to get Chegg answers for free in 2023?

With a Chegg free account, you can unlock the category free Chegg answers and other material for free.

Plenty of PDFs cover all subjects and offer free Chegg solutions in detail. This excellent resource helps you how to do homework and study without spending money on textbooks or online tutoring. Meanwhile, you can discover here more about the Zybooks answers.

You can get premium Chegg textbooks answers for free by simply going through the resources mentioned below:

Download PDFs:

Download PDF

Get hassle-free Chegg Answers, go through these resources for free! These are also available on plenty of different subjects to be accessible even if you don’t know what topic to choose.

Get the best Delta Math Answers for A+ grades.

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Using the Chegg Q&A:

Using the Chegg Q&A:

It is the fastest way to get Chegg answers to any questions. All you need to do is type your query in the search bar and hit enter! Make sure to have an active Chegg subscription.

Googling what you want to know about a subject:

Googling what you want to know about a subject

You can Google search correctly to explore answers online on different subjects in a straightforward manner without having much knowledge about these topics. Just type your inquiry in the search bar and get the answers online.

Search In Wikipedia:

Search In Wikipedia

It is a favorite student’s resource who are preparing for any exams, quizzes, or tests. It offers free study sets, their own questions video tutorials, and homework answers to quickly learn about the topics and prepare for an examination efficiently. The best part is that all these options are available for free and will save you time and money!

So, start exploring to find out which of these free Chegg answers suits you best. 

 Also, explore amazing 120+ conclusion starters for top grades.

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What are the steps to get Chegg for free?

What are the steps to get Chegg for free?

Are you seeking Chegg answers for free access? Do you want to know, ‘how to see chegg answers free?’ Here are some tips

Here is what you need to do:

Set up a Free Chegg Account

You can get free Chegg answers by setting up a free Chegg account with your email and clicking on the ‘Get Started Free’ button.

Sign in to get free Chegg answers

After you sign in, go ahead and complete the steps for setting up an account offered by Chegg, such as social security number, billing information, etc.

Make sure to have a valid email ID

For completing your Chegg account, all you need to do is enter the correct email address used as your login ID on this platform and create a Chegg username.

Fill in the password correctly

You can then fill in the password of your choice to match with what you have entered for the login ID.

All the steps are just easy!

After this, you can access Chegg for free and use all the free solutions. The Chegg free trial step offers free solutions that are better than any online tutor service.

Also get the quality MathXL Answers for improved grades.

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Premium Chegg Answers option

Premium Chegg Answers option

Chegg welcomes students to use its Premium Answer option, a part of the tutorial service at

This type of answer comes with an additional fee, but it provides better quality and in-depth content for those who need it most.

Likewise when you are asked to write about some sociology research topics you can either do it yourself or seek help from the experts for in depth content. Having a Premium Chegg subscription is beneficial because:

  • Chegg is a place where you can get free answers for your textbook solutions.
  • With Chegg Services, you can ask Chegg tutors, and they will give you free answers that are easy to understand.
  • Some people even help other students that are not their friends.
  • There are many Chegg’s remote teachers and students all ready to help.
  • They also have textbook answers when you need to do your Chegg writing, so it’s not cheating if you use them.

With Chegg premium access, there is also a note-taker where you can write down what is happening in class.

Therefore, there will be notes next to Chegg free answers or questions you need help with when it comes to reviews. Here you can get the Chegg homework help. The Free trial of Chegg answers lacks such features in comparison to Chegg premium subscription.

Subscription and Pricing of Premium Chegg Accounts

Subscription and Pricing of Premium Chegg Accounts

There are two kinds of Chegg accounts which you can have, premium and standard. You will be charged $14.95 for a monthly subscription fee if you want to avail Chegg premium answers.

If you like to subscribe for annual payments, it will cost you only $149 per year without any hidden charges or fees. Chegg is also providing student discounts.

To get this offer, one has to simply:

  • Fill up their name
  • Email address with correct details.
  • After that, an activation code through email within 24 hours at max.
  • This code should be entered when signing up along with other information like your phone number or zip code etc., for the completion of the process.

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Free Chegg Answers on Buyonlineclass [Recommended!]

Free Chegg Answers on Buyonlineclass offers amazing academic services for students. It provides assistance in various academic areas like getting help with homework and finding answers to questions.

The company also has services necessary for busy students, like unlocking certain websites and providing the best online tutor services for subjects you need help with.

The question is how Take my online class? Or, Can I get a free Chegg answer for its customers?

The answer to this is straightforward. comes with Chegg premium account details with a legal Chegg subscription. So you do not have to pay any additional penny. does not use free trial versions to view Chegg answers!

To unblur Chegg answers, you can paste Chegg links or the Chegg questions to, and you will get your answer.

You need to fill out the form with accurate information like your email address to get Chegg-free answers. No need to fall into trap of websites claiming to get you free Chegg answers.

Thinking about how to introduce yourself in an online class? – Nothing speaks better than an amazing GPA. Use Chegg to score the top GPA in your class!

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How to use Chegg for free?

How to use Chegg for free?

The first and the most important thing to get Chegg answers, search for your topic on Google. Now click on a free link to an article or blog post about it to be redirected to the Chegg website.

To get access to these free resources, you need to register yourself by clicking the “Sign up” button located on the top right corner at the homepage of the Chegg site. Just as you do for any other website, fill in your details, including your name, phone number, and email.

You will be verified by them via a code sent to your registered mobile phone or an email ID used to sign up with the site. Once this is done, you can access the quick answer engine.

We also provide the quality My Math Lab Answers for improved grades.

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How to see answers on Chegg?

If you want to get Chegg answers to your Chegg question, go to the page and click on “View Answers.”

On this page, please select a subject to which your question is related and then enter it in the search box. This video will explain how you can get Chegg Answers for free.

You will be redirected towards relevant questions answered by our experts with complete details about their solutions.

If there are many Chegg answers for free for one single query, click on the “Show All Questions” tab at the top right corner of that particular row so that all those queries get listed out below each other within an easy-to-view table format.

This way, you get guidance for your Chegg study and learn things from experienced mentors around the world.

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Other Chegg Alternatives Course Hero

Other Chegg Alternatives

Course Hero

There are various other platforms giving free Chegg answers. These include Course Hero. You can find these options in your college library or by browsing through some different search engines.


Chegg that has always been active in providing its services to students by providing them academic help and guidance. It is a platform that has solutions for almost every student. PaperHelp is a personal assistant that helps you with your homework, provides step-by-step instructions on solving problems, generates graphs from data sets, solves math word problems, and much more!

BookFinder is an online platform that helps you find books from any part of the world, and it also has a database of millions of book titles, authors, etc. You can access this website for free in seconds by typing “Book Finder” on the Google search engine.


Skooli is the one-stop destination and even the best source, which you can rely on in getting solutions about how to get Chegg without spending money. There are several ways people could find out how they should be accessing Chegg answers or resources for free. Skooli has been helping students with academic help worldwide since 2012, and it’s now available offline as well!


Chegg has a sister company, StudyBlue. Studyblue is an iOS app that helps students study as they have access to tens of thousands of flashcards with different subjects at their fingertips. It is an excellent alternative to Chegg study subscription. Along with Chegg answers for free, It also provides quizzes created along with content like videos from Khan Academy answers and TED Talks to give users an all-inclusive study experience on one single app.

Khan Academy

One more Chegg alternative, which students often use, is Khan Academy. The website has been in existence for more than a decade now and is one of the most popular destinations to study mathematics, science, economics, etc. For any course on this platform, you can find lecture videos that will help you understand concepts better with relevant examples and exercises for practice.


Slader is an online platform that contains Chegg answers for free for many mathematics subjects, including statistics and algebra. The website has over 80 million students registered on it who are solving homework and studying with the help of Slader’s free math tools to find answers.


StudyLib is a company that has been providing a wide range of academic help and guidance to students at all levels. It is the platform that provides Chegg answers for free for almost every student. It offers study materials, editing services, tutoring support, and other benefits that will enable you to excel in your education.


The experts at Buyonlineclass are available to help students complete their projects and assignments on various topics like math, chemistry, sociology, etc.


It will provide you with access to a wide range of solutions for your academic issues, such as homework help, on-campus jobs, and much more.

Chegg Answers Reddit community

Chegg offers its users the opportunity to access free Chegg answers and solutions by accessing Reddit. On this platform, the students can ask questions about homework or academic life.

Join Chegg Community members

There are some networking websites such as Quora, Facebook, and Reddit Chegg community, if you look. These sites allow people on the same platform to talk to one another more easily. Chegg is a fantastic place to secure good grades, especially for scholarships for transfer students looking to make a critical shift in their academic careers.

 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you get Chegg for free?

Yes, you can use Chegg for free, but there are several ways, one of which is the trial method. Also, you can use Reddit to find the solution to Chegg’s questions.

2. How do I bypass Chegg for free?

Usually, Chegg academic service comes with monthly subscriptions. But you can also bypass Chegg for free by using unblur Chegg answer. But you must remember to use the same with inspect element. However, the technique is not working anymore. You need to pay a subscription.

3. Can teachers see if you have a Chegg account?

Chegg has decided to keep the student’s information private from the teachers, professors, or the universities. Thus, teachers cannot see the Chegg account of the student.

4. Can Chegg be hacked?

According to the report, data breaches occurred four times previously. But, after that, the Chegg authority has become more cautious. However, there is no guarantee that Chegg data cannot be hacked anymore. But, still, there is a question about ‘how to hack Chegg?’ But, before you get an answer to it, you need to know,’ how to hack Chegg website?’

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