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Chegg is an essential tool for every student studying in school or college. Chegg offers step-by-step solutions and answers to thousands of questions that are present in its vast database. Also, if your question is not answered already, you can post a new question and several experts will try to answer it instantly.  However, all of this does not come for free! But most students either don’t want to pay for the answers or don’t want to go for a subscription package where they have to pay month over month. So, it is natural that many students want to know how to access Chegg solutions for free. So, what if we tell you that we are to provide you Chegg for free!

But First….

How To Access The Chegg Website To Get Answers?

Now, let us see what challenges students face when trying to find Chegg answers!

Step 1: You type in your question in Google. You find that the exact same question is answered on Chegg. You see a screen something like below

The google page shows the question typed and the answer by Chegg.

Step 2: Then You click the first link to get the answer. And you get to something like this.

The image shows that chegg has the answer to the question typed by the person.<br />

Step 3: So, Chegg has the answer but it is blurred! So, you click on See Answer.

The image shows the answer is blurred as the person who asked the chegg answer does not have a chegg account.

Step 4: You are redirected to the create an account page.

Now chegg is directly the person to get an account with chegg.

Step 5: Now, you add your details. They want you to pay the subscription fee.

The image shows the subscriptions fees of chegg account.<br />

Now, this is where things get painful. You need one answer, and you have to pay $15.95 to $19.95 monthly. Most students don’t prefer to spend this much, and it feels like an extra financial burden. You can get a free Chegg account where you will be able to log in, but you can’t access any premium features, like Chegg Study, which includes solved questions and answers. Sometimes, Chegg offers a free trial for 7 or 30 days, where you can try it, but you have to put in a payment method, which will be charged as your trial ends unless you cancel it within the trial period.

But do you want to unlock Chegg’s Answers without a Chegg subscription now? Then read this blog because we are here to provide the Chegg answers for free!

How Do You Get Free Chegg Answers Without A Subscription with BuyOnlineClass.com?

Only BuyOnlineClass’s Chegg Service gives you access to unlimited free Chegg answers without paying for any subscriptions or entering any card details. Yes. It is completely free with no obligations. We provide Chegg answers for free as we have several paid active Chegg accounts and we don’t mind sharing it with you. So, how does BuyOnlineClass let you get answers, and the exact process that you need to follow:

Step 1: Locate the form to Chegg unblur answers on this page of BuyOnlineClass. Or you can also use our website.

Get Free Chegg Answer


Step 2: Fill in the form with your name, email address, phone number, and Chegg URL that you want to unblur

The image shows Chegg portal has the answer and it is unblurred.

Step 3: Once you send us the requirements, our Chegg answers provider team will send you an email with Chegg answers for free.

The image shows the portal of chegg and the entire answer to the question.<br />

Our process is completely free and has no hidden charges. We send you solutions by email without compromising your integrity. Some other websites claim to provide you answers to online learning platforms like Chegg and Course Hero for free, but end up asking for payment once you send them your details. We discourage such unethical practices and give you solutions for free with reliability. You no longer have to post your questions on Reddit, Quora, Discord, or online forums and pray that someone might answer them. And even if they do, there is no reliability that the answer is correct. We have access to all academic databases, and commit to send your answer within 2 hours of receiving the questions! In this TikTok video, you can see how the entire process works! So now, enjoy working on your assignments.

Can You Ethically Provide Chegg Answers For Free?

Yes, we can! ByOnlineClass is the only site that can provide you with Chegg Answers ethically for free. Also, we are not charging you anything for this, and we are not reselling Chegg answers to make a profit. It is only to help struggling students do better in their academics.

Can You Provide Open Educational Resources or OERs For Free Online?

Yes, we can provide you with educational resources, like all the answers in their database, for free online. However, to maintain academic integrity and honesty, you will have to write the answers on your own. If you copy the answer and submit the assignment directly, it may get flagged for plagiarism.

The other Chegg resources available in the portal are Book Rental, Mathway, and Writing Center. If you want to access the Mathway or Writing Center portal, you can access its basic features for free. However, if you need a plagiarism checker such as Turnitin or writing assistance, then you will need to upgrade your package. 

Process No. 1 for Mathway:

Step 1: Log in, go to the portal, and click the yellow account button. Once you click on it, click on math.

The image shows the portal of chegg and marks both math and writing sub pages.<br />

Step 2: Type any math-related question in this place and get answers.

The portal image of chegg shows the mathway page where you can type math questions to get solutions.<br />

Step 3: If you need to see the explanation, tap on view steps. Now you will have to upgrade to see the steps.

The image shows the subscription fee for Chegg Mathway which is $9.99 monthly to $39.99 yearly.<br />

Alternatively Process 2 For Writing Center

Step 2: Log in, go to the portal, and click the yellow account button. Once you click on it, click on the writing center.

The portal image shows the Writing Center of Chegg. It shows how to start a new assignment.<br />

Step 3: Click on Start New Assignment, and you will be directed to this page.  

Once you click on start assignment, this page will open and one can check citation, plagiarism, and grammar.<br />

Step 4: Write your assignment. However, to see all the suggestions, you will have to upgrade and buy a Chegg subscription.

The portal image of the Writing Center of Chegg shows that one needs to upgrade to use all the sub pages here.

Can Someone Unblur Chegg Answers Without Subscription? 

No. It is only possible to unblur Chegg answers with a subscription. Chegg unblurs answers only when a person with the subscription accesses Chegg answers. There is no way to bypass the Chegg paywall.

However, you may find the following ways helpful if you need answers to specific questions:

  • Using Google to get free online resources like video tutorials and explanations, and open courseware from university resources, public libraries, and study groups.
  • Get help from your school or local public library and check if they provide free access to academic services like Chegg. Many now offer such resources along with studies.
  • Review if Chegg is giving any free trials or discounts.
  • Ask your instructor if they can provide or recommend any solutions manuals for your textbook.
  • Reach out to tutors, teaching assistants, or classmates to collaborate and discuss academic questions.
  • Focus on thoroughly learning concepts rather than just finding answers. This will help build your knowledge and problem-solving skills.

But how do you unlock Chegg’s answers for free or how to get Chegg unblurred answers? If this question is looming in your mind, let us tell you that we can give you Chegg answers for free!

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Check Alternatives Like: 

The image shows the logos of STUDYBLUE, Khan Academy, Course Hero, SLADER, Skooli, BOOK FINDER.

Course Hero

Various other platforms are giving free Chegg answers. These include Course Hero. You can find these options in your college library or browse different search engines.

Course Hero


Chegg has always been active in providing its services to students by providing them with academic help and guidance. It is a platform that has solutions for almost every student. PaperHelp is a personal assistant that helps you with your homework, provides step-by-step instructions on solving problems, generates graphs from data sets, solves math word problems, and much more!



BookFinder.com is an online platform that helps you find books from any part of the world, and it also has a database of millions of book titles, authors, etc. You can access this website for free in seconds by typing “Book Finder” on the Google search engine.



Skooli is the one-stop destination and even the best source, which you can rely on to get solutions about how to get Chegg without spending money. There are several ways people could find out how they should be accessing Chegg answers or resources for free. Skooli has been helping students with academic help worldwide since 2012, and it’s also now available offline!



Chegg has a sister company, StudyBlue. StudyBlue is an iOS app that helps students study as they can access tens of thousands of flashcards with different subjects at their fingertips. It is an excellent alternative to the Chegg study subscription. Along with Chegg answers for free, it also provides quizzes created along with content like videos. 

Khan Academy

One more Chegg alternative, which students often use, is Khan Academy. The website has existed for over a decade and is one of the most popular destinations for studying mathematics, science, economics, etc. For any course on this platform, you can find lecture videos that will help you understand concepts better with relevant examples and exercises for practice. Khan Academy answers and TED Talks to give users an all-inclusive study experience on one single app.


Slader is an online platform containing free Chegg answers for many mathematics subjects, including statistics and algebra. The website has over 80 million students registered who are solving homework and studying with the help of free math tools to find answers. 


StudyLib is a company that provides a wide range of academic help and guidance to students at all levels. The platform provides Chegg answers for free for almost every student. It offers study materials, editing services, tutoring support, and other benefits that will enable you to excel in your education. 


It will provide various solutions for your academic issues, such as homework help, on-campus jobs, etc. 

Communities And Forums Dedicated To Chegg

Some networking websites include Quora, Facebook, and Reddit Chegg community. These sites allow people on the same platform to talk to one another more easily. Chegg is a fantastic place to secure good grades, especially for scholarships for transfer students looking to make a critical shift in their academic careers. 

Chegg Answers Reddit Community

Chegg allows users to access free answers and solutions by accessing Reddit. The students can ask questions about homework or academic life on this platform.


The experts at Buyonlineclass are available to help students complete their projects and assignments on various topics like math, chemistry, sociology, etc. We are the only website in the US that provides free chegg answers and Aleks answers

Offer and Discount

Is This Alternative To Get Chegg Answers Ethical?

Yes. This alternative is ethical and legal, and we are providing you the answers from our subscribed account free of cost! This Chegg bypass is especially for those students who want to learn to get good grades.  

How Do You Utilize Online Libraries And Explore Topics In The Chegg Platform?

The Chegg database has numerous questions and answers that are helpful for students, along with their studies. Once you have a Chegg subscription, you can access all those resources for free. These resources help you understand concepts and gain academic success. But if you ask me if it is mandatory to pay for the subscription to get this assistance, my answer would be a NO! But you can always get a Chegg subscription free from your peers or teachers or a Chegg subscription when they give free trials.

You may also explore alternatives like:

  1. Forums dedicated to specific subjects
  2. Option for accessing Chegg account from someone who has one
  3. Discounted subscriptions to get free Chegg unlock.

How Does Chegg Help Students?

Chegg is an academic support that helps in various online courses with its huge database of questions and answers. Whenever you need an answer for a question be it math or science or literature, just type in Chegg website and get the answer. This platform can be of help when you are practicing MyMathLab and other portals. To get Chegg solutions for free in 2024 or to get Chegg unblur website, just contact us via WhatsApp or email.  

How Does BuyOnlineClass Surpass The Expectations Of Students?

BuyOnlineClass has many experts who can take the exam on your behalf and help you ace your exams with A grades. Not only good grades, with BuyOnlineClass you can also earn money. How? Well, BuyOnlineClass has referral programs and offers & discounts for you that will help earn and save money.  They even offer a refund policy if the service provided to you is not satisfactory.  

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In conclusion, various methods and resources are available for individuals seeking access to Chegg’s educational services without encountering barriers such as paywalls or blurred content. Options like finding a Chegg link unlock, utilizing Chegg unblocked websites, and accessing services to unblur Chegg content have gained attention. Additionally, seeking a free Chegg login, exploring options for a free Chegg trial, and searching for ways to unlock Chegg resources for free are common pursuits among students and learners. While these methods may offer temporary solutions, it’s important to consider the ethical implications and potential risks involved in using unofficial or unauthorized means to access paid content.

 Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Chegg Free Trial?

Chegg often offers free trials for new users. This can be a great opportunity for students to explore the services offered by Chegg. The content can guide readers on how to sign up for these trials and what features they can access during this period.

Are There Any Chegg Free Account Options?

No. There are no options for a Chegg free account. 

How To See Chegg Answers Free?

To see Chegg answers for free you have to either buy a subscription or contact BuyOnlineClass. We provide free Chegg answers without any Chegg answers free trial, Chegg free unlock, Chegg unblocker or any cost. 

How To Bypass Chegg Paywall?

Students often question, “How to get past Chegg Paywall?” Chegg earlier had text sheets for getting assistance for the Chegg answer revealer or Chegg answer viewer. However, you can only access the Q&A section on the website. Now, after a few breaches, Chegg has tightened the security methods. Thus, there is no way to see Chegg solution manuals. Therefore, if you are thinking, “How do you see Chegg answers without paying?” Then just come to us. You will unblock Chegg answers and provide free resources like Chegg solutions, their learning resources, etc.  

How To Unlock Chegg Answers For Free?

Only BuyOnlineClass gives Chegg answers for free. So, contact us to get the answers now. Here is the link for your reference: 

How To See Chegg Answers Without Paying?

Usually, Chegg’s academic service comes with monthly subscriptions. But you can also bypass Chegg for free by contacting us. 

Can Teachers See If You Have A Chegg Account?

Chegg has decided to keep the student’s information private from the teachers, professors, and universities. Thus, teachers cannot see the students’ Chegg accounts.

Can Chegg Be Hacked?

According to the report, data breaches occurred four times previously. But, after that, the Chegg authority has become more cautious. However, there is no guarantee that Chegg’s data cannot be hacked anymore. But, still, there is a question about ‘how to hack Chegg?’ But, before you get an answer, you must know,’ how to hack Chegg website?’

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