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Sophia Learning, LLC

Sophia Learning, launched in 2012, has more than  50 ACE-creditrecommended courses. The unique Sophia Learning has served more than 250,000 students nationwide. Sophia courses are also accepted by colleges in 200 countries.

All Sophia courses provide access to high-quality college learning via proven mastery. It allows learners to get Sophia credits amid their busy schedules and get a degree at their pace. Why not seek help with online class for distance learning?

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How to Transfer Credits From Sophia Learning

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Sophia fulfills gen. ed. requirements through a low-cost monthly subscription. Students have the option to take as many courses as they want. You can contact our experts to figure out what credits may be transferred. Here is how you can use Sophia Learning online:

  • Become a Member To Complete Your Course: Select a membership that suits you, and choose among 50+ courses. Complete your traditional college courses at your pace.
  • Transfer Sophia Courses For College Credit: Sophia has partnered with many colleges and schools which have agreed to accept credit transfers toward their courses, like the Sophia Learning UMGC & Sophia Learning UAGC programs.

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Sophia Membership Options

You can initiate learning with a free trial and select the best membership option. You can gain unlimited access to all Sophia courses; we are here to help you with Sophia Learning answers and Knewton Alta answers. Students can be active in two courses at a time.



To finish one or two courses quickly
Per month, with auto-renews



To do several courses over a few months
For four months, with auto-renews



To work through courses slowly
50% savings
Per year, with auto-renews

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Why Select Sophia Learning?

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Affordable Courses

Sophia offers access to over 50+ ACE-recommended, affordable college-level courses. Just choose the most suitable subscription and get Sophia learning accreditation.

Sophia Learning Liberty University

With the Liberty University Online Advantage Program, students can understand visual communication, art history, and psychology at their learning pace. For additional details, do send us your request.

Easy to Use

Sophia’s online courses, available on demand globally, have all the required course materials. You can even ask someone to take my tests for me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sophia Learning accredited?

Sophia does not offer degree programs but runs DEAC-accredited courses. However, it provides convenient, affordable online courses approved by colleges and universities. Sophia transfers academic credits to help you earn your degree.

Does Sophia Learning actually transfer academic credits to universities?

Sophia doesn’t need an introduction. It partners with forty colleges and universities that accept academic credit transfers from Sofia Learning. Around 1,000 colleges and universities have used Sophia’s credits.

Are Sophia’s courses legit?

Yes. Students receive ACE Credit recommendations. Moreover, the courses are recommended by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC), an organization that evaluates distance-learning programs.

How much does Sophia cost?

Sophia has access to over 50+ affordable college-level courses. Select the subscription that works well for you.

Can I buy Sophia’s robot?

Yes, you can buy a Sophia robot. Little Sophia was introduced for delivery in 2022. The 14″ tall robot friend makes learning STEM, coding, and AI fun. It’s a rewarding adventure for kids.

Can Sophia Robot talk?

Yes. Sophia is modernized now as compared to previous robots. The advanced version mimics human gestures and holds a simple conversation.