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How did this all begin?

 This service was started in 2011, when we were a popular online tutoring site. We received several requests from students who wanted to be able to take online classes without compromising on their life. We came up with this “Done For You service”, where we literally do everything for you. So you can just send us the course details, and we take on from there immediately. Be it discussions, assignments, quizzes, we do all of it. We received tremendous response from students who were struggling and wanted us to help! We started helping them, and maintained affordable pricing and delivered good quality results. Most students came back with more classes and referred our service to their friends.  We are the one-stop help for students and continue to maintain the quality of the service.

Who are we?

We are a group of US based tutors who have experience in online and offline tutoring. We also engage research and Ph. D students to work on our team. We follow a rigorous selection process before adding new experts to our team to maintain quality standards.

Our team currently has about 45 tutors from different educational backgrounds, like Math, English, Management, Business, Nursing, and IT.  They are all experienced with coursework, and handle 3-4 classes at a time. Once they are assigned a class, they follow everything in the portal, and keep working on it till the end of the class.

When we started in 2011, we were the only service that would let you have someone take your full class. There are several services now that use our name, and promise similar quality, but they may put you at risk and can jeopardize your class.

Why are we the best choice? has been the pioneer in this industry and has experience of 9 years.

All of our experts have taken hundreds of courses each. Most courses they take now has already been taken by them in the past, and they have worked on these assignments before. They do the same assignments every year, which makes them an expert in thier subject area.

We offer the best pricing, and also payment options. You can also pay as go, so that you can track of the course progress too.

We have several happy customers who have given us more than 7-8 courses, and have graduated in less than 2 years.

We give you status updates about your course progress.

We have 24/7 support on chat, email, phone and wtsapp. So you are never out of touch with us. We work on weekends too.

We do extra credit items too.  If there are multiple attempts, we try to re-take the items to improve grades.

We go the extra mile, by resubmitting assignments wherever required, by adding perfect referencing formats, or doing extra credits!