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As one would think, one of the logical ways to look for the mymathlab homework answers is to search online. 

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Does MyMathLab record?

The MyMathLab software does not record anything that you do on the program. 

It is a self-paced learning system, so it won’t have any deadlines or announcements to remind students of their work. 

That said, the software provides an optional auto-save feature that will save your work periodically. 

You can also remind yourself to submit assignments with MyMathLab’s notification features.

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Is MyMathLab free?

No, MyMathLab is a paid service that requires you to purchase access. 

Students have to buy a class pack for each subject they are studying and pay it in installments. 

You can also choose the self-paced option where students can take timed quizzes with instant feedback or work at their own pace on lessons that include new content methods such as animations, videos, and interactive graphs. Explore the best do my online exam help!

How do I access MyMathLab results?

Students can access their MyMathLab results by logging in to the website and clicking on “Results”. 

After that, Click Course Contents on the left-hand navigation and then the section you want to work in to access the results. 

Click View Multimedia eText, then click Results to see your scores. Also, get the quality Delta Math Answers for good grades.

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How do I redo an assignment on MyMathLab?

To redo an assignment on MyMathLab :

– Log in to your account.

– Click the “Assignments” tab and select any course that you would like to start with.

– Once a course opens up, click on it’s corresponding section or question number, depending on what type of assignment you want to redo.

– The assignment will now be available to select and click on, either under “Assignments” or at the top of a page.

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Q1. Find dy/dx,where y= ∛(x2+4)2


dy/dx=d/du (∛(u2 ))×du/dx ,where u=(x2+4)

= d/du(u(2/3))×du/dx

=2/3 u(-1/3)×du/dx

=2/3 (x2+4)(-1/3)×2x

=4/3 x/∛(x2+4)
Q2. If f(x) = x sinx,then find f'(x)

Apply the product rule

d/dx (f(x))g(x)) = d/dx(f(x)) g(x) + f(x)d/dx(g(x)) with f(x) = x and g(x) = sin(x):

f'(x)=d/dx (x sinx)=d/dx (x)*sinx+x*d/dx (sinx)
=sinx+x cosx


Q3. Evaluate d/dx ((2 + 3 sin⁡x)/(2 – 3 sin⁡x ))

Apply the quotient rule
d/dx (f(x)/g(x)) = d/dx(f(x) g(x)) – f(x) d/dx(g(x)) / g2(x)

d/dx ((2 + 3 sin⁡x)/(2 – 3 sin⁡x ))=((2-3sinx) d/dx (2+3sinx)-(2+3sinx)d/dx(2-3sinx))/(2-3sinx)2


= 3cosx(2-3sinx+2+3sinx)/(2-3sinx)2 =12cosx/(2-3sinx)2

Q4. Find dy/dx,where x=(θ+sinθ),y=(1-cosθ)

x=(θ+sinθ)             y=(1-cosθ)

dx/dθ=d/dθ (θ+sinθ)=1+cosθ    dy/dθ=d/dθ (1+cosθ)=-sinθ

By chain rule of differentiation dy/dx=dy/dθ×dθ/dθ

dy/dx=-sinθ×1/(1+cosθ)=-sinθ/(1+cosθ)=-(2 sin⁡(θ/2) cos⁡(θ/2))/(2 cos2⁡(θ/2) )=-tan⁡(θ/2)
Q5. Find dy/dx,where x(2/3)+y(2/3)=a(2/3)



d/dx (x(2/3) )+d/dx (y(2/3) )=d/dx (a(2/3) )

2/3 x(-1/3)+2/3 y(-1/3)*dy/dx=0

dy/dx=(-2/3 x(-1/3))/(2/3 y(-1/3) )=-x(-1/3)/y(-1/3) =-y(1/3)/x(1/3) = -∛(y/x)

Q6. Evaluate ∫(x2+x+1)/(x√x) dx


∫(x2+x+1)/(x√x) dx=∫x2/(x√x) dx+∫x/(x√x) dx+∫1/(x√x) dx

=∫√x dx+∫1/√x dx+∫1/(x√x) dx

=∫x(1/2) dx+∫x(-1/2) dx+∫x(-3/2) dx

=2/3 x(3/2)+2x(1/2)-2x(-1/2)+C

= 2/3 x√x+2√x-2/√x+C

Where C is the indefinite integral constant.

Frequently Asked Questions


How to get perfect grades in your MyMathLab class?

To get good grades, you need to practice mathematics questions more or by taking help from online tutors. These online mathematics experts are qualified and skilled enough to provide accurate answers to all the questions. Thus, with their assistance, you are likely to get the perfect grades. 

Can I pay someone to do my MyMathLab course?

Yes, you can. There are numerous people who might need assistance with MyMathLab course. For that, all they have to do is take help from an online tutor. That’s because they are well versed with Mathematics as a subject. Also, they are skilled and qualified to answer the questions accurately. 

Is MymathLab helpful to pass a math class?

Yes. MyMathLab is a well-known platform for organizing math assessments and tests. With its complexity and appropriate algorithm, students get to master the subject and become proficient in the field. So, yes, the platform is the best if you want to grow as a mathematics student. 

Is MyMathlab worth the cost?

Yes, they are. Keeping the cost range aside, the platform can help students to improve their mathematical skills. All the tasks combined within the platform allows the students to master the subject with more knowledge.

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