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Edulastic, now known as Pear Assessment, is a leading Assessment platform based on innovative modern tools. The self-driven tools are useful for both students and teachers. That’s why edulastic is gaining popularity in educational institutions.

Students can easily understand complex subject concepts and see their academic progress. The immediate feedback helps students understand their weak areas. At the same time, tutors can use the platform to create teaching strategies. They can also set exams, assignments, and many other things using Edulastic. 

The best part is that teachers can evaluate every student’s learning progress in real-time, allowing them to work on their weak academic areas. This blog has mentioned everything about Edulastic and some expert tips on getting Edulastic answers.

How To Log Into Edulastic As A Student?

The image shows how to log into the Edulastic portal<br />

To log in to the Edulastic system, follow the steps:

  • Go to http://assessment.peardeck.com/  
  • If your school uses Google or Office 365 email addresses, students can select these options and use their school ID and password.  
  • If you use Clever at school, select the Sign in with Clever link.
  • Others can enter their teacher-assigned username or email and password.
  • Once logged in, go to the assignment section, which shows new or active assignments. To see all assignments from multiple classes, select all classes and status below the class drop in the upper right corner.

How To Get Edulastic Test Answers?

Search Online

You can post the questions on Quora or Reddit. Many timed tests and quizzes require you to answer them within a specified time frame. However, you never know when they will answer. As the questions keep changing, getting the exact questions online is impossible. 

Canvas also has timed quizzes. If you are looking for a Canvas quiz answers hack, click on the link to learn more about it. 

Ask Your Friends

You can also ask your friend for help, but it is not guaranteed that they will be able to give the Edulastic answers correctly. They might not be available on the phone at that time to help you. If the answers on Edulastic are incorrect, it will also affect your grades. 

Don’t make the same mistake with Apex Learning. Your friends might not know all the Apex Learning answers correctly to help you. 

Practice Assignments 

Edulastic offers unlimited assignments for students, so you can practice them regularly and improve your knowledge. This might help you become more confident while taking the exams. But, if you are working or have other responsibilities, practicing assignments regularly might not be possible as it is time-consuming. 

Seek Experts Help 

The best and safest option is to seek expert help. You can hire professionals who are knowledgeable about the subject matter and will take the Edulastic test on your behalf. They will simply log in to your account and take the test. Don’t worry. The teacher will not get to know you as they use your location, so they don’t flag you and feel suspicious. 

Can I Get an Edulastic Answer Key?

Some online sources may offer answer keys and Edulastic answers hack, but it is advisable not to trust them. It is a waste of money. In this educational platform, questions change randomly, and the number may vary, so getting the answer key cannot help you. 

The best option is to get help from experts to get Edulastic assignment answers. These experts will help you with your Edulastic solutions. They will also take the exam for you. It will help you have a smooth academic journey and achieve better grades.

Even in Edmentum, the questions keep changing, so getting the Edmentum answer key cannot help you anyway. Read on to know more about it. 

Can You Review Your Edulastic Answers?

Yes, you can review the answers for Edulastic by clicking on a graded assignment and then clicking Continue. It will allow reviewing each question and the teacher’s feedback, showing correct and incorrect answers. 

Teachers can also use Express Grader to view responses and correct answers to questions. To do this, follow the steps:

  • Go to the Assignments tab
  • Click the Express Grader tab
  • Select a cell from the table to see the question, student’s answer, and the correct answer 

Teachers can also make changes to tests they have created like fixing typos or adding or removing standards. If these changes affect the scoring or evaluation logic, teachers will be required to regrade the test.

Also, practice Aleks questions multiple times, review them, and know where you have made mistakes. It will help you know the correct Aleks answers.

Can Edulastic Understand When You Use Another Browser?

This is a screenshot from the Edulastic portal, where it shows anti-cheating settings<br />

Yes. Teachers will be notified through the Live Class Board when students try to use another browser. They can lock you if you navigate away from the browser and pause your test automatically. 

Lock Assessment Navigation For Students 

If teachers want to keep students moving forward on an assessment, there is a lock assessment navigation for students. With this feature, students cannot look back at previous questions and answers. You can move forward with one question at a time. 

If teachers activate this feature while assigning assignments, you cannot go backward, bookmark a question, or use the question dropdown to navigate between questions. You can see the question review page but cannot navigate back from there. 

Students should not find the assessment questions in a strategically ordered way. To prevent cheating, it is suggested that the Shuffle Questions feature be used instead.

Can Edulastic Be Used On Mobile?

 This is a mobile version of using Edulastic<br />

Yes! Edulastic can be used on mobile devices. Now, it is available for you on Android and iOS. You can view and submit the assignments on smartphones.

Teachers can create and assign an assessment by logging in to Pear Assessment on a computer. However, you can complete the assignment on a computer or smartphone.

The Mobile Experience is Different from the Big Screen

When using smartphones to complete assignments set up by teachers, keep in mind that the experience is different from using a desktop computer. Questions requiring an essay response can frustrate students working on a small screen. So when assigning an assessment for mobile phones, follow the below guidelines:

Do’s Don'ts
Students are advised to remove their phones' screen locks so they can rotate them, depending on the question. Embed large images.
The display settings should be set to standard and not zoom. Use "scratch pad"
Try to stick to simple question types, such as multiple-choice, written responses, text dropdown, or numeric entry. Require a password
Consider that essay responses, drawing graphs, and other questions require larger screens for optimal experience. Enable "Require Safe Exam Browser / Kiosk Mode" settings

Teachers should preview the assessment using the mobile icon before assigning it to students. They should be able to access the mobile preview on the assessment review screen.  

How To Take And Retake Quizzes on Edulastic?

  • Login into the Edulastic website with your username and password
  • Click on the quiz you have been assigned
  • After completing all the questions, submit it. If you don’t submit the quiz, it will show that you are still taking it.
  • Once you submit the Edulastic quiz answers, it will take you back to another page where you can review your answers.
  • Then, click on the “Submit” button twice so it can be graded.
  • It will then show you how many questions you have done correctly and your grade. 
  • When you click on Exit, you will be taken back to the dashboard. There, you can see the quizzes you have taken, the number of attempts, and the grades. 
  • In Edulastic, you can retake the quiz if you are unsatisfied with the grades. 

Unknown Fact: Edulastic’s Exploitable Behavior

Some students found interesting behavior on the Edulastic (Pear Assessment). It is not dangerous, but it has the potential to cause damage. When a teacher makes an account, they can enroll students in the class using their email. They don’t need to accept the enrollment or input the code. 

However, anyone can create a teacher account with tempmail.com. This is a kind of hack many students can use. It doesn’t need a captcha. So, if someone wants to acquire large databases of students, it will be easy to create teacher account bots and assign useless and enormous assignments to students. This can cloud the students’ assignment page, making it difficult for them to see the legitimate work teachers have done. This might not be dangerous, but it is exploitable. 


If you don’t have time to focus on your studies, get professional Edulastic help. They will help you complete your online course smoothly. They are adept in academic writing standards and are committed to producing original, plagiarism-free work. II. In active voice So you can trust them with your assignments and exams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Edulastic see if you switch tabs?

Yes, teachers can activate a way to pause or warn students when they move from the assignment. If students leave or switch tabs, they can receive a warning, and the assessment will be paused. 

What does blue mean in Edulastic?

Blue represents questions that need to be manually graded. When you complete the grading, the assignment is flagged as finished. (clicking the “Mark as Done” button in the assignment).

Can you edit a test on Edulastic?

If you want to edit the assessment, click Clone to make a copy of the assessment first. When you click Clone, you are asked how you would like to clone the test. The second option is to create a clone of all the items in the test upfront. It allows you to edit individual test items easily.

Does Edulastic have a calculator?

Teachers can offer multiple calculators for assessments. Students can choose between a basic, scientific, or graphing calculator.

How do you view assessments in Edulastic?

  • Go to https://app.edulastic.com
  • Select the Sign in with Clever link
  • Once logged in, go straight to the ‘dashboard,’ which will show new or active assignments. To see past assignments, select “View All Assessments”
  • After choosing an assessment or assignment, you can view the questions, the grade/scoring, and the teacher comments posted. 

What happens when I clone a test?

If you clone a test, a new test ID will be created. To search for the new test, click on the test tab and clear all filters. Thus, a cloned test will appear with a different test ID.

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