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Summary - A student council serves as the voice of the student body and looks after their classmates' difficulties and needs.... It fosters leadership skills and spreads positive vibes to uplift school spirit. Student councils organize fun activities like a talent show, fundraising program, various classroom activities, community speeches, events for songs and stories, etc.

Are you aware of student councils? What is the purpose of such ideas in a school community? Usually, these are the activities that boost the entire school spirit. Only focusing on studies and assignments can make the students frustrated at times. The student council usually initiates interesting ideas. We will discuss such programs that will create a stress-free environment in classrooms.

The student council members can create several ways to foster the school spirit. It creates a positive feeling among the students, creating a fun time in their minds. Also, it fosters leadership skills among pupils who know the next president may come from your classroom. Let’s get started with the endless variety of ideas for student council.

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Table of Contents

Top 50 Student Council Ideas:

The ideas for such activities can start from simple poster ideas to student council fundraiser ideas. Generally, council-elected student leaders and fellow students all together perform these activities. The authority can also engage the new students in such activities. This activity may even include an online class setup, as digital learning is probably the future of our education system.

School Events:

Several school events are observed around the year. Several events even engage the parents and families. Generally, these are fun activities to foster hard work, planning, and management skills among teenagers.

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These are beneficial for both mature and new students.

 1. Creation of a communication hub:

The image says one should create communication as a student council idea

For this particular activity, you must use a bulletin board. Alternatively, you may also use the blank hallway space. There you can create the spot for each sport. Also, it is the space for notice of upcoming events. You may also use digital platforms for community interactions.

2. Coffee house with poetry reading activity:

Usually, schools and colleges have their own coffee house or canteen. The council member can install the mic and other musical instruments within the canteen. Teachers and students all can participate in poetry or song competitions.

3. Costume contests:

The school administration must encourage the students to wear several costumes and create a contest. For example, you may use a Halloween theme to grace the occasion.

4. Catchy student council poster ideas:

The image shows group of students staring at laptop to search for student council ideas.

Student leaders can ask high school students to draw or paint posters for a particular event. School colors are the best choice for poster backgrounds. It will boost the team spirit among fellow pupils. The poster ideas will bring the best creativity in them.

5. Slogan for the school’s student council:

Every council must have a slogan that voices its ideals and objectives. Every high school student council member should suggest at least one slogan. Pupils can vote to choose their slogan.

6. Hot legs contest:

It is one of the joyous activities for teenagers, so they may plan some hot contests like a hot-leg contest. Here, the leg picture of the teachers or students is taken anonymously. Then the participants have to identify their educators and classmates from those pictures.

7. Lost and found Event:

Manage a hall room in your high school as set for a lost and found event. Now keep some items hidden and reward those who find them.

8. Organize a fashion show:

Arrange a fashion show for council members and other students. In this process, they can learn self-introduction tips, like How to Introduce Yourself in Class! And they will never hesitate to present themselves in new atmospheres.

9. Music fest:

The image shows a group of male and female in concert as a student council ideas.

As the name suggests, you may arrange for an activity when the students with knowledge of the song will be present. You can also involve the support staff in the audition. The whole program will be conducted in an auditorium.

10. Plan a virtual community:

Now most schools and colleges offer online simulations for laboratory and assignments. So, a virtual community for the council, where students can share their feelings and difficulties, will lift the school spirit. It will also provide help with online classes.

11. School lock-in:

Through the lock-in activity, the freshers of the schools or colleges must be invited. It is a game that improves relations between high school and college students.

12. Weakest link:

It is one of the exciting school activities where students and teachers can be involved. For example, charge $1 for each individual. Choose the contestants who are wearing blue shirts. Pick ten contestants, and the one left gets the entire pot.

13. Autograph Dance:

Hang a massive board for this activity. Now, the teacher will select the school student. They will be made to dance and then asked to put their signature on the board. The way they put the signature on the board while dancing will be fun.

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14. School Spirit Events:

Many schools and colleges organize council campaigns to involve the whole student body. They often dress in school colors to uplift the school spirit and the fun activities to improve bonding and teamwork among pupils.

15. Spirit Couch:

Arrange some sporting events and make the winners of each team sit on the comfortable couch. Also, feed them with pizza and drink for free. It will be excellent even where the students will be pleased.

16. Spirit week:

The image says organizing spirit week is a cool student council idea.

Choose fun weeks in each month and create a theme for it. Also, ask the candidates to dress up and make the student body look cool to uplift the school spirit.

17. student council t-shirt ideas

T-shirts are one of the essential elements that can be utilized to create fun pictures and school colors. One can also write some positive messages on the T-shirt.

18. Talent shows

It is something related to your academic perseverance. A set of questions will be set based on which each participant needs to answer. The activity will help you boost your grade level.

19. Organize logical debate:

Logical debates are always a favorite for pupils who like math and science subjects. Also, it may help to get the Big Ideas Math Answers for your assignment.

20. Raise funds for the school community:

The image shows students playing with colors. Fundraiser is another cool student council idea.

Raising funds is always an essential consideration as our society faces several mishaps. Initiatives by students and teachers can address some serious community issues. It is an activity that will benefit the entire society as a whole.

21. Popcorn fundraiser:

People usually look for healthy snack options. Popcorn is much healthier than candies and fried items. The activity involves getting orders from the companies that sell popcorn. After that, sell it to the public and raise funds. It can be further used in children’s hospitals. Along with the popcorn sale, you also should know the popcorn reading. Get the full details here.

22. Lemonade Stand Fundraiser:

Each school year the student spends specifically impacts their knowledge and discipline. It is now possible from conventional fundraising to the latest day’s lemonade stand fundraiser. A punch of conventional and contemporary activities will boost excellent habits among youngsters.

23. Organize A school picnic:

A picnic creates joy and cheer among classmates, and ‘stucco fundraiser ideas’ are the best solution to arrange a picnic. Usually, one of two students from the group is chosen for the fundraising program. They begin to collect money for the picnic. Once collected, they hand it over to the teacher.

24. Raise money for the Easter egg hunt

The Easter egg hunt is a favorite activity of people in countries like the United States and 95 more countries worldwide. You can now use the same activity among the student council event ideas. The activity is just like a treasure hunt. Thus, I am sure each student will be thrilled and excited.

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Student Council Speech Ideas

The image shows a man talking on a mic and is giving a student council speech.

Speech can boost the confidence of students through public speaking ideas. Exploring Controversial Topics For Teenagers can also provide a unique and engaging platform for students to express their opinions and enhance their communication skills. Following are some elementary ideas for the student council on public speaking.

25. Informative speeches by STEM students:

An informative speech unfurls the scope of sharing information among high school or college classmates. Students who took up the STEM streams can give an informative speech on Earth Science Topics and other contemporary topics.

26. Influencing speech to establish a point:

This type of speech is organized to influence the audience about an idea or argument. Arrange a speech event before the vote for the next council president. An influencing speech will uplift the audience’s spirits if you are already the student council president. You can speak about how to face every challenge in life.

27. Humorous story ideas:

Student council campaigns are the best place for humorous storytelling. Sometimes, the storytelling contest is organized in the common area of the institution. The activity makes the storyteller and the audience happy.

28. Speech on my credentials:

Students will get several types of topics to offer the speech. Speaking about the credentials of each student is an important consideration.

29. Organize a Persuasive speech contest:

Public speaking is a perfect initiation for the upliftment of students. Brainstorm a unique speech idea with your friends to impress the audience, or you may search online for Persuasive Speech Topics and choose a great idea for a great speech. 

30. Speech on personal experiences:

Personal experiences are sometimes exciting and fun or challenging, and every person loves to share such experiences. For example, you can give a speech on overcoming a tough challenge in your life.

31. Speech about the secretary election:

The secretary election of a consulate has several types of rules and regulations. Students can engage in speaking about such topics or practical experiences of council elections during the past school year.

32. Public speaking on upcoming events

Usually, schools and colleges organize a variety of events. One can easily view those in their community posts. It will encourage shy pupils can take the challenge to speak about their expectations from the school event.

33. Speaking session about future plans:

Once everyone freely shares their dream or targeted profession, it develops their focus and confidence to face the challenge. As a result, they become more prepared for their future job field from the beginning.

34. Speeches on commemoration:

It is one of the favorites for most students, and choosing the topic for the commemorative speech is even more fun. As it usually dug up nostalgia among classmates. You may share your perspective on your last team members of the school football team.

Service events tips:

The image shows few people collecting waste; service event is an innovative student council idea.

It is also one of the great ideas the student council can initiate. Following is the list among which you can follow the best one. Also, you may follow several points to initiate the same in your institution.

35. Light Up on Christmas:

Christmas is a joyous festival that people celebrate with lights and togetherness. You can ask the students to light candles or put artificial lights in the surroundings. Also, the Christmas season is a homecoming for many parents. So families can get involved to light up the events.

36. Car wash initiative:

One of the service activities can be washing the car. It is also considered among the competition where the students will be asked to wash several different cars. The one who washes neatly and fast will be rewarded.

37. Trick or treat street:

Here, the school authority or the council opens the door to the institute so everyone can attend. As soon as they open, the students dress up and hand over the bag of candy. Also, all youngsters are allowed to get inside the institute.

38. food drive:

The administration can ask the student to bring some nonperishable food. Then the classroom full of students can move to a place with financially backward people. The student can donate the food to less fortunate people.

39. Senior citizen prom:

Senior citizens are the most neglected population in society. Thus, attempting to bring a smile to their face will be a noble activity. You can arrange for a dance show where the senior citizens in the town will be invited to participate. In the meantime, get 100+ senior project ideas to impress tutors.

40. Planting trees:

Image shows a man is planting tree which is another great student council idea.

Planting trees is one of the best practices pupils in schools and colleges can adopt. The student council can ask the class teacher to plant trees on the school campus. Nature Week is the best option for such an environment-friendly initiative.

41. Tragedy help:

Several types of tragedies take place in our society. For example, floods and earthquakes give rise to homeless people. In such a situation, the school authority can arrange a shelter by setting up small caps on the back side of the property.

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42. War basket:

Our soldiers sacrifice their entire life to protect our ordinary people. In exchange, we do nothing. But, we can always do small support to make their faces smile. like, packing a gift with food, clothes, stationery, toiletries, etc., and gift them.

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43. Make a change:

It is an activity to create changes in society or within the institution. Each one may have different ideas for making a change. Think about your course of action. The teacher can reward the student whose idea of change is attractive.

44. Crime Stoppers:

You can set up a hotline with the local police department for this activity. Whenever you see a crime, you can call the number and complain. It can be followed in the school to support weak or victimized teenagers.

45. Advertising workshop:

Image shows a woman advertising her student council ideas on social media.

Pupils who attend this workshop can learn how to write advertising scripts. Finally, arrange promotional activities in school. Business and commerce students can get practical experiences from these workshops.

46. Balloon message:

Here, the messages are written on a balloon for a significant event. Each one will read the balloon and then blow it in the air.

47. Clock posters:

There is a tendency and need to look at the clock several times during the day. Thus, placing the posters around the clock is an excellent idea. Students will initiate the activity.

48. Costume association:

Several themes are available in an advertisement event. For example, there is a 20% sale in a telecom company. Now, if you are advertising it, you have to wear the t-shirt of their theme.

49. Hat advertising:

The advertising companies create attractive and crazy hats with their brand name and distribute them among council members. As a result, people viewing them will watch it, and the company will get a good brand identity.

50. Paper plate advertising:

Here, the authority can write the necessary information on a paper plate. After that, they can distribute it within or outside the circle.

51. Staircase quotation:

The image shows staircase message to spread student council ideas.

Placing inspiring and humorous quotations (from scholars all over the world) in and around the staircase is a very good initiative. People stand for some time at every turn of the staircase as they become tired. Thus, they will be able to get their eyes on the messages.

52. SGA Event Ideas

Host a campus-wide talent show to showcase the diverse skills of the student body, from music to magic, fostering a sense of community and school pride.

53. Stuco Ideas

Organize a “Green Week” with activities focused on sustainability, like recycling drives and workshops on environmental conservation, to engage students in global issues.

54. Student Council Proposal Ideas

Propose a mentorship program pairing upper-level students with first-year students to provide guidance, improve school culture, and enhance student relations.

55. Middle School Student Council Ideas

Create a “Homework Help Club” where students volunteer to assist peers with assignments, promoting collaboration and academic success.

56. November Student Council Ideas

Arrange a Thanksgiving food drive, encouraging students to donate canned goods to support local shelters and foster a culture of giving.

57. Student Council Agenda Ideas

Include a monthly “Student Spotlight” in meetings to recognize individual achievements and inspire others to pursue their passions and goals.

58. Student Council Leaders

Leaders should exemplify integrity and inclusivity, actively listen to their peers, and work diligently to transform student feedback into actionable change.

59. Promote School Spirit

Initiate “Spirit Fridays,” where students wear school colors or mascots, creating a vibrant, unified atmosphere and boosting morale.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What are your ideas for the student council?

The ideas can vary from one person to another. The activities of ideas that I prefer are:

  • planting trees
  • arranging a prom dress competition for senior citizens
  • fundraising for flood victims

What is a good student council speech?

A good speech must start with an inspiring sentence. It should grab the attention of the audience. Also, you must introduce yourself later in the speech and continue with the informative content.

What is your goal as a member of the student council?

The student council must represent the students as a whole. The leader must speak on behalf of all the students in a class or a school. They should look at how students develop.

What makes a good leader for students?

You must understand your role as a role model in school. Along with providing opportunities, a good leader must appropriately guide the juniors. Also, they must be excited about each student’s new opportunity.

What are the challenges faced by the student council?

Managing teamwork and conflict in leadership is the school council’s most common challenge.

What do students expect from the student council?

Some council activities include organizing school events, looking after community welfare, addressing academic concerns, etc.

What is the most difficult part of student leadership?

Leaders often need to interfere in conflicts between their classmates, which is pretty difficult because all of them are from the same age group.

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