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Are you looking for easy college classes? What are the easiest college classes? Students usually get into academic success in quick way. The so-called ‘blow it off’ classes are preferred by thousands of students across the globe. In short, you can write it as BIO. In various classes, students don’t need to put in hard work. Instead, they get breaks while studying. 

Students may avail of easy college classes to boost GPA. But, if you ask, which are the easiest classes to take in college, It would depend entirely on the individual skill set. Again, some of the teachers are very flexible, whereas only some are right. Thus, the classes can appear to be accessible in which fun-loving teachers are around. With this connection, you may also come across fun electives to take in college.

The infographics shows what are easy classes to take in college.

Not all classes or courses are accessible. Some are also taxing, especially mathematics, some streams of science, etc. But the following is the list of easy classes to take in college.

1. Introduction to Physical Education

Along with studies, physical education plays a vital role in schools and colleges these days. Along with staying fit, physical education also offers enjoyment and boosts the confidence level among the students.

Students also gain a positive attitude while doing several physical activities. The lifestyle becomes decent as well as fulfilling some college classes. One of which is undoubtedly physical education.

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2. Public Speaking

Public speaking is one of the easy college courses that teach students how to communicate effectively. It also teaches how to present their ideas in front of an audience. In addition, public speaking includes various aspects of a business or an organization. Those are:

  • Proper speech delivery
  • building confidence
  • Management of stage fright 
  • engaging the audience

The course typically involves giving presentations, receiving feedback, and analyzing famous speeches. The objective of the easiest college courses is to equip students with the proper skills. With the help of this, students will become confident and effective public speakers.

In public speaking, you may also get topics like ‘ online vs in person classes’. It is one of the great topics where you can express your views. 

3. Introduction to Film Studies


The image shows a film strip referring to introduction to film studies.

For many students, film studies are pretty fascinating. People love to watch films and discuss the same. This, however, boosted the interest in film studies of many students. Students aim for the name and fame the film stars get after performing in a film. 

Introducing film studies is one of the easy college classes to take online. Students take great interest in learning about filmmaking techniques.

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4. Introduction To Music

Introduction to Music provides students with a general understanding of all music elements. The vital elements of the Music are 

  • melody
  • rhythm
  • harmony 
  • Form
  • timbre

Also, this easy college course covers various musical styles and genres. In addition, you will learn about the history of Music. The learners are fortunate to understand the role of Music in different cultures.

One can structure the course in various ways. It may range from lecture-style classes to hands-on workshops. The music teachers students with several methods. Those include listening exercises, playing instruments, and composing Music.

This course aims to offer learners an excellent appreciation for Music. Also, they develop critical listening skills. Along with it, Music can often count towards easy college credit in a curriculum.

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5. Yoga Or Other Mind-Body Fitness Classes

The actual focus of Yoga or other mind-body fitness classes has focused on physical and mental wellness. One can get a combination of physical postures in such courses. Some of the techniques are:

  • breathing techniques 
  • meditation
  • relaxation practices 

They are designed to improve flexibility, strength, and overall well-being.

Getting yoga teaching in a traditional yoga studio setting will fascinate you. Also, The teachers can teach such exercises in a gym or fitness center. Also, this easy electives in college is appropriate for individuals of all ages and fitness levels. 

These classes aim to provide students with practical tools to reduce stress. Also, it improves physical health. In addition, the practice cultivates a sense of inner peace and balance. These classes are counted as elective credits in a college curriculum.

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6. General Psychology

The image shows two trees designed as human skull referring to general psychology subject.

Psychology is always a fascinating subject. Primarily when we study human behavior, we can relate our mind to that. It is a subject with deep roots. The accessible general psychology is one of the easy college electives.

7. Introduction to Art History

The course offers the students a broad overview of the art’s history. It ranges from the earliest civilizations to the present day. Also, it covers various art movements. You can learn about the styles and techniques of the art. 

Students may study the artwork from a more comprehensive media range. Those include:

  • painting 
  • sculpture
  • architecture
  • photography

You can also learn about the artists. Also, it would help if you did not miss the cultural figures who created them. The curriculum of the courses is made through lectures, discussions, and visual presentations.

You may also need to visit museums or galleries at times. 

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8. Survey of World Religions

A Survey of World Religions is an excellent course. It offers the students an overview of their beliefs. Also, you can learn about practices and history of the world’s major religions. It includes

  • Christianity
  • Buddhism
  • Hinduism
  • Islam
  • Judaism

The course also covers the origins of the religion. Moreover, the students will learn about the teachings. Some may also spread these religions. You may also learn about cultural, social, and political impacts.

The course aims to offer students a broad understanding of the diversity of religious traditions. It also fosters intercultural understanding and respect.

9. Personal Health and Wellness

The doodle shows different people exercising referring to personal health and wellness subject in college.

Personal Health and Wellness is a course again. It focuses on the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of well-being. It is among the easy college course that covers topics such as:

  • nutrition
  • exercise
  • stress management
  • sleep hygiene
  • other health-related topics

There will be hands-on activities, discussions, and lectures. Lt can also include practical skills-building exercises. 

This course aims to provide students with a foundation for developing healthy habits and lifestyles and to empower them to make informed decisions about their well-being. For more on effectively concluding discussions or writings, exploring “Conclusion Starters” can be insightful. 

10. Introduction to Environmental Science

Introduction to Environmental Science is one of the accessible courses. It provides students with an overview of the natural world. It helps you know about the impacts of human activities on the environment. It covers topics such as

  • ecology
  • pollution
  • climate change
  • natural resource management
  • conservation biology

The course may include field trips to natural areas. There the students will observe and study the environment. This course aims to offer students a foundation in environmental science. It also raises awareness of the importance of environmental stewardship. For more on effectively concluding discussions or writings, exploring “Conclusion Starters” can be insightful. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the easiest class in college?

The answer cannot be straight, as several factors will define the most straightforward class in college. For example, a group of students may find English to be easy. Whereas another group may say ‘, Science is an easy subject.’ Thus, the difficulty level of a student may be different from another.

What is the easiest course to take?

Though the single most accessible course may have different answers for many students, some options are usually considered to be the most straightforward course to take. Those are:

  • Music
  • History
  • Liberal arts
  • Humanities, etc.

What are the simplest courses?

The most straightforward courses are those which are less stressful. Some students find a few subjects to be very taxing. For some of the students, the following subjects are less taxing. Thus, for them those are the simplest courses:

  • Zoology
  • Public relations
  • Marketing
  • Physics
  • Economics.

What is the easiest class to pass?

For all the students, getting a good score is a challenge. Also, for a few getting a pass mark is a challenge. However, most students say the following classes are easy to pass.


  • Creative writing
  • Graphics design
  • Physical education
  • Arts
  • History

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