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Before enrolling in college, you might be thinking of getting some knowledge on the easiest and hardest college classes, isn’t it? The answer to your queries is debatable. The reason is that although some students may find some college courses simple, others may find the same courses hard.

But it is a fact that some of the courses are hard and several students agree on it. So, don’t worry. This blog will share some of the  hardest college classes ranked. And, someday, in some other blog, we will discuss the easiest college classes. 

Now, let’s look at why students think a course is hard before discussing the hardest classes in college. Meanwhile, go through here about the help with online class services.

Why do students find some courses hard?<br />

You are not alone if you have ever found a course hard. There are several like you think of easy classes to take in college. There is no precise logic that makes a class tough. To a certain extent, everything is a matter of personal perception. But according to the data, some of the reasons students list particular courses as the hardest college classes are as follows:

A demanding academic schedule

The fact that students must study a lot more than they are used to is the main reason why they find some courses hard. Thus, students who put off learning always consider easy classes to take in college. Also, if you want to discover about online vs in person classes.

Not appreciating its value

Every topic taught in schools is crucial and may help everyone who studies it in some manner. But just a few pupils are aware of this. Some students feel that studying other subjects is a waste of time since they don’t think it will eventually help them in any way and also consider as the hardest college classes.

Responsibilities other than just studying

The difficulty can often be found not only in your academic workload but also in how you must divide your time between your other responsibilities and extracurricular activities. Being able to manage your time might be immensely daunting if not well thought out, whether it is part-time work, a position in an organization, or sports. 

As a result, people think about enrolling in the easiest college classes possible and avoid taking the hardest math classes in college. Also, you can know more about ‘When do colleges start’ here.

No doubt, the mentioned reasons are enough for the students and make them wonder about the hardest college classes before enrolling in college or university. So that they can choose the easy college courses and succeed with A grades. Now, the time has come to share some of the hardest college classes with you all. Let’s discover it in the below passage.

What are the top hardest college classes students often avoid?

What are the top hardest college classes students often avoid?

The difficulty of college majors varies, with some being harder than others. Thus, more study time and homework may be required for some majors, such as the hardest science classes, than for others. According to the sources, these classes are the most difficult.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is a broad area that includes many different technical specialties. Electrical engineering students usually take a lot of math, physics, and computer science courses to prepare for the demanding nature of the field. 

They also need to have a solid grasp of electronics and circuit design. Thus, the students consider it one of the hardest college classes. Meanwhile, if you want to know about ‘How to Get Good Grades,’ click here.

Organic Chemistry

It is a fact that this course has really led to many pre-med students changing their majors. The course is sometimes referred to as the “pre-med killer.” Like all the others, it demands a significant commitment to regular, deep research. There is a lot of homework in addition to a lot of memory required. So, it will not be surprising that organic chemistry is listed as the hardest course in college. Students often feel bored due to mental stress. Thus, if you ask what to do when bored in class, here we have all the guides.


To succeed as an architect, you need a broad knowledge base. Engineering, math, physics, art, and even some computer science are among the topics covered. Students studying architecture will also be educated about the history of design, buildings, and materials. 

Students will learn to utilize AutoCAD and other tools to create 3D models. Students, therefore, need help to pursue a college degree with this course. Also, you can click here to know How to Be Successful in College.


Language analysis includes linguistic form, meaning, and context in addition to studying other languages. Within this broader discipline, there are other subfields, such as the study of speech sounds, word structure, language sound systems, language meaning, and word organization. Things become more challenging when students go on to more advanced linguistics. Students often avoid it since it is one of the hardest college courses ranked. 

Human Anatomy

This course requires a lot of memory, making it one of the hardest classes in college. The study of human anatomy focuses on the anatomy of the human body, including its bones, muscles, tissues, organs, and other structures, as well as how these parts function or interact. You must be familiar with all of the common and scientific names of the parts of the human body and their functions to succeed in this course.


Calculus may be a nightmare if you don’t enjoy math or aren’t mathematically inclined due to the abstract and challenging mathematical theory ideas involved, such as limits, functions, derivatives, and integrals. The fact that this specific course is the hardest undoubtedly doesn’t surprise many readers. But, the easy college classes are as simple as playing an indoor game. Even it can make the hardest closure easy.


This course requires a variety of memory tasks in addition to the comprehension of physics-related ideas. Thus, studying thermodynamics requires both insight and time-consuming memorization. Because they lack fundamental arithmetic knowledge, students frequently need help in this course, which is one of the hardest college classes.


Many students find this subject to be a combination of both hard and very uninteresting. Numerous people lose interest when something is boring, and you need to pay attention to grasp complex topics, which might be terrible for your GPA.

Final words

To make the most of your college experience and overcome the challenges of difficult courses, it’s essential to stay informed and prepared. Whether you’re grappling with extremely abstract concepts, tackling challenging college courses, or need to master the art of writing lengthy essays, the key is to approach these tasks with a positive mindset and the right resources. Remember, understanding and mastering these subjects can be a rewarding journey. So, don’t hesitate to explore and discover extremely abstract concepts or deem theory subjects as opportunities for growth. Stay curious and proactive in your educational journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

 What are the easiest college classes?

You must pick a subject that you excel in and that you like. But according to the source, some of the simple college courses that students frequently consider are:

  • Music.
  • Fitness Course.
  • Psychology.
  • Psychology.

How Do You Choose the Right Course For You?

Some degrees can need more practice and study than others. Think about your ability to devote time and effort to your chosen major. Also, always select a course you’ll enjoy taking.

Which time is the most challenging for the hardest college classes?

The most crucial semester is the first one in the first year of college. According to various studies, students are most likely to quit college in the first year.

what’s the hardest class in college?

The hardest college class mentioned in the provided text is Organic Chemistry. This course is often referred to as the “pre-med killer” due to its rigorous demands, including a significant amount of memorization and deep, regular study. This has led many pre-med students to change their majors, indicating its challenging nature.

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