A good conclusion sentence or a final paragraph of an essay aims to drive the point home. The concluding section includes thoughts, information, description, ideas, and several paragraphs under one content.

A good conclusion paragraph is vital in more ways than one. For starters, it can build or break your writing.

The way you end your essay writing acts as an essential hook for your audience to capture their attention. Additionally, this call-to-action paragraph tells your audience what they will be expecting for your final analysis.

Therefore, in essay writing, you can even like to say it is the crucial paragraph that will get you top grades.

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What is a conclusion paragraph?

In a conclusion paragraph, you will have the last word on your writing. Many experts often read the conclusion paragraph of a research paper to understand students’ work.

A good concluding paragraph provides the reader with a summary of what you have discussed in the paper. That means avoiding new information or ideas in any sentences. The concluding statement should wrap up the main ideas creating a smooth close for the readers.

However, writing a good concluding sentence is not as easy. With the use of good conclusion starters, students can write an effective and impeccable essay conclusion.

How to write a conclusion?

For writing a top-notch essay conclusion, make sure to

1. Use a conclusion starter. When you need to start your concluding sentence with a conclusion paragraph starters, you give the readers a sense of completion on your writing.

2. Summarize the main points. You will be recapping all the main parts of the work in the final paragraph. Do not introduce new information other than the ones already discussed in the essay.

3. Avoid emphasizing minor facts and go for more significant evidence.

4. Include a Closing sentence. This section generally includes open-ended questions, final words, quotes, or a call to action.

5. Make the concluding words as memorable as possible. You can include words, speeches, examples that would make your essay stand out from the crowd.

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Features of good conclusion starters

What are conclusion starters and their benefits?

Conclusion starters for essays are an essential hook to capture your reader’s attention and the content in between. These closing sentence starters let the reader know that the writing is coming to an end.

A student with good conclusion starters reap a lot of benefits including,

  1. Giving a clear-cut overview of the essay.
  2. It acts as a mark for readers that highlights the strength of your arguments.
  3. Emphasizes fact and crucial evidence supporting the writers’ arguments.
  4. The readers leave a comment, name their issues, and boosts subscription.

A weak ending, poor English, unrelated phrases, and shaky grammar – all contribute more ways than one, the work to be easily forgotten or neglected by the readers.

Therefore, if you search for a conclusion starter definition and how to utilize it, visit!

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What is the characteristic of effective conclusion starters?

Whether you are a student in middle school, high school, or college, the chances are that you had to research information in writing essays. You may also have to deliver a speech depending on the essay.

When deciding how to end an essay, your conclusion part sums up all the relevant information, including examples consistent in grammar and tone of English phrases, without adding any new information.

To effectively link the body with the conclusion paragraph, the first part of the sentence should clarify. Using a conclusion starter could solve that!

For instance, our blog on how to introduce yourself in class can give you an idea of conclusion sentence examples. Visit our website at and have a look!

Examples of conclusion sentence starters.

Word and phrases for essay and speech for High School:

In conclusion
To summarize
I conclude that
In a nutshell
In closing
In brief
In short
To finish with
Based on the discussion above
As a result
Above all

To sum it all up
To put it briefly
Cutting a long story short
On balance
All in all
Given these points
In a word
On the whole
As shown above
As stated above
As I see it

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Word and phrases for essay and speech for College:

As a final point
In the final analysis
For the most part
All things considered
For these reasons
So, I have come to a conclusion
In effect
In my opinion
In the end
To wrap it all up
The summative conclusion is that
The study concluded
The broad conclusion
Towards this end
After all has been said
I recommend that
The informative conclusion is that
Now you know why
From now on
Looking back
I hope you can now learn that
Last but not least
In the future
You should now consider
I think I have shown that
Without doubt
The time has come to
I agree that
I hope you
To review

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Word and phrases for Research Papers:

As a result
As expected, the results indicate
As indicated by the data
Based on the evidence presented
Based on the results
Based on what we have at this point
Data seem to indicate
In light of these results
In the context of x, it seems that
In the final analysis
Surprisingly, the information revealed
The data indicate
The data reveal
The results of this study indicate
To extrapolate from the data
Upon analyzing the data
Upon review of these findings
What this study reveals is
What we now know is
While additional research is needed
While further research is warranted
While these results seem to indicate
With products like these, it seems
The major revelation from this study The results of this study demonstrate

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General good conclusion starters

My conclusions are
I would like to say finally
One final idea
It is worth re-examining
The nexus between
My final bow is that
As this paper demonstrates
After discussing
It is my conviction that
I look forward to
As I already explained
My final thoughts are
It seems clear to me that
It strikes me that
There must be no doubt that
My final question is
To briefly review
It is my sincere belief that
The data indicate that
Through this research, we learn that
The research proves that
That was the conclusion reached
The summative end is that
My verdict is that
To finish off
All in all
As evidence shows
I am convinced that
It is obvious that
My reflections on
Based on the evidence presented
The facts support the argument that
My last point is
Do you realize that
On the whole

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