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Before you begin writing your essay, you must first choose the sort of essay you are required to write. Narrative, argumentative, persuasive, comparative, literary, and other kinds of papers are only a few examples. And, we all know that each essay gets comprised of multiple paragraphs. Students must also consider how they begin the paragraph to engage the reader. Yes, you must choose the quality words to start a paragraph if you want your reader to go through your essay till the end. Your writing quality will be determined by how you begin each paragraph.

Are you willing to improvise your way of starting the paragraph in your write-up? Don’t worry. This blog will guide you in every aspect to learn the words you can use while starting the paragraph. But, First, let’s get a brief idea of why people must choose the right words to start a paragraph in the below passage. Meanwhile, click here to know where to get help with online class.

What Is the Significance of Choosing Words To Start a Paragraph?

A paragraph begins with the words or phrases that initiate the rest of the above sentences. The following few terms will be easier to write if you use transition words to start a body paragraph. In addition, the first words of a paragraph should continue the flow of the preceding paragraph so that readers get enticed to read on. Simply focusing on how you begin each paragraph can help you become a better writer. Meanwhile, you can learn here more about the primary and secondary sources.

How To Start A Paragraph With Good Words?

Paragraph starts are vital for organizing the entire work in lengthy academic writing papers. By smoothing out abrupt transitions and preparing the reader for the following topic, paragraph openers enhance the reader’s experience. Any academic essay must have all of the following aspects applicable to the paper’s topic: Who, What, Where, When, Why, How. 

Thus, the paragraph must start with words in such a way that follow all such aspects while sharing perspective or information with readers. Using words is an art that writers must learn to connect the paragraph and follow the continuity to engage the readers. Moreover, follow the article here if you want to know the distinction between ‘ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY ON NATURE VS NURTURE.

Here Are Some Factors You Can Follow To Start A Paragraph:

Begin a para with Adverbs

A word preceded by the letter ‘ly’ at the start of a new paragraph might serve as a great connector from one notion to the next. For example, “Consequently” leads to a result based on the previous paragraph’s information. Furthermore, the term “similarly” can divide one notion into two halves. So, try to begin a paragraph with Adverb. Some Adverb words that you can use to start a paragraph are as follows—

right-icon Thankfully
right-icon Ironically
right-icon Fortunately
right-icon Hopefully

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Use Dependent Clauses

Dependent clauses might help you change things when you run out of precise phrases to start a paragraph. To begin the para with such clauses, a variety of words are applied, including:
right-icon While
right-icon Although
right-icon Because
right-icon As

Use Transition Words

A transition phrase or word is an excellent method to begin a paper’s body paragraph. Transition words help the readers connect your thoughts, which is highly relevant when switching concepts. Consider the most effective transition phrases to help you move through the topics you want to convey.

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While writing, remember that the most crucial thing is to assist your readers in comprehending the point you are conveying. It’s pointless for students to write academic papers that aren’t well-written. So, you can follow the following passage to learn more about transition words to start a para. Do you want to know ‘THE IMPORTANT GUIDELINES FOR PUNCTUATION IN POETRY?‘ Click here.

What Are Good Transition Words To Start A Paragraph?

The first few words of a paragraph are the most significant in writing. They state the sentence’s topic, so the reader knows what to expect. A transition word in a sentence is ideal for beginning a paper’s body paragraph. Transition words serve to connect disparate concepts logically. You can expand on the topic offered in the preceding paragraph by using transition words. Some of the examples of transition words to start a body paragraph are as follows—
right-icon Meanwhile
right-icon Furthermore
right-icon On the contrary
right-icon In addition
right-icon Finally
right-icon In the end
right-icon In other words

Transition words get often used to start a paragraph in the whole write-up. Whether the writer wants to maintain the connection with the previous para or summarize the para or conclude the essay, they use transition words. So, people who are searching—-  ‘How to start a conclusion paragraph transition words?’ can follow the passage below. Meanwhile, explore the best tips on how to write a peer review.

What Are The Valuable Words That People Can Use To Start A Paragraph?

The words that we use to start a paragraph are crucial as they can reflex the situation or the event. Even though these words aren’t always connected in obvious ways, paragraph starters connect them so that your reader can appropriately arrange them in their minds. You need to select the appropriate transition words to begin a body paragraph based on the communication. It would be ideal to use transition words to illustrate the Contrast, underline a concept, demonstrate causation, or emphasize something. Meanwhile, follow the blog here to know the impeccable Conclusion Starters for a perfect essay.

Some Examples As Per The Situation To Use A Word To Start A Paragraph:

Words that to use to start a paragraph to show the Chronology:
right-icon During
right-icon Earlier
right-icon Meanwhile
right-icon Until
right-icon At first
right-icon Later
right-icon After
right-icon As said before

Words that show Contrast to begin a Paragraph are as follows:
right-icon Comparatively
right-icon On the contrary
right-icon Still
right-icon Besides that
right-icon Instead
right-icon Rather
right-icon In comparison
right-icon Nevertheless

Words that to start a paragraph to show Cause are as follows:
right-icon Usually
right-icon Due to
right-icon In such scenario
right-icon As a result
right-icon Therefore
right-icon Undoubtedly
right-icon Consequently
right-icon Particularly

Words that to use to add information or ideas are as follows:
right-icon In addition
right-icon Likewise
right-icon Moreover
right-icon Furthermore
right-icon In fact
right-icon Along with
right-icon Not only
right-icon Also

Words to start a paragraph that adds emphasis is:
right-icon Above all
right-icon Certainly
right-icon In particular
right-icon Indeed
right-icon Undoubtedly
right-icon Notably
right-icon As usual
right-icon Surely

Words to follow to start a paragraph that shows illustrations are:
right-icon For instance
right-icon To demonstrate
right-icon Such as
right-icon Illustrated by
right-icon As an example of
right-icon In the case of
right-icon To clarify
right-icon To simplify

Words that to use to begin a paragraph to express condition are as follows:
right-icon If
right-icon Only if
right-icon Even if
right-icon Whenever
right-icon When
right-icon Because of
right-icon In that case
right-icon Unless

Words that to use to show Generalization while starting a paragraph are:
right-icon Normally
right-icon Typically
right-icon In most cases
right-icon In general
right-icon Broadly speaking
right-icon Mainly
right-icon Mostly
right-icon Let’s say

Words that to consider to start a paragraph to show Reference is:
right-icon Considering
right-icon In terms
right-icon It is a fact that
right-icon With regards to
right-icon As per the data
right-icon In connection to
right-icon As far as
right-icon As regarded

Words to start a paragraph to show a conclusion are:
right-icon As you can see
right-icon In the end
right-icon Overall
right-icon In conclusion
right-icon On the whole
right-icon As noted
right-icon In the final analysis
right-icon In a word

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You can start a paragraph with the mentioned terms above, depending on the context. To maintain consistency, you must be sure that you select the appropriate words to begin a paragraph.

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