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The Knewton Alta educational program goes beyond assignments by combining practice with a customized education that includes explained answers, incorporated just-in-time instructions, and correction of necessary skill gaps, all of which depend on how well students do.

What Is Alta And How Can I Use Alta In My Class?

Knewton’s most recent college and university program is called Alta. Alta is a comprehensive solution for educational materials that combines professionally produced responsive learning technology from Knewton with freely available, high-quality content to deliver an affordable, easily accessible, customized education that improves student performance.

Each Alta product includes all the instructional content required for a course, such as text, video, examples, and assessments. Alta is now available in multiple math, statistics, economics, and chemistry courses.

Instructors use Alta in an array of formats: in-person, a hybrid model, online-synchronous, or self-paced, and it encourages numerous blended educational models, including:

  • Conventional approaches to learning use “homework” for evaluating and assessing learning after it has been covered in class.
  • Flipped models (in which assignments are mainly used to present matters and/or assess students’ knowledge beforehand).
  • “Tipped” models, where flexible tasks can be utilized to clarify and evaluate previous understanding of a topic, and quizzes or tests are used for assessing learning after class coverage of the issues.

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How Can One View The Quiz Or Test Results As A Student?

Once your assignment is due and all extra period dates are completed, you can access your quiz and test results (grade, answers, explanations, and instructor comments). However, instructors can choose never to display results or allow students to view their results before the due date. Therefore, check with your instructor to see when the results will be displayed.

View Results

Click the link to the completed quiz or test (either in Knewton Alta OR your Learning Management System if that’s how you’ve been accessing Knewton Alta).

You’ll see your grades and other details are on the quiz or test cover page. After the due date (and all extensions) have passed, clicking View Results will display your answers, right and wrong, along with answer explanations. You can also view comments from your instructor if provided. 

Multiple Attempts

Read the information below if your instructor allows multiple attempts and late completion on quizzes or tests. Please contact them directly for clarification if you are still determining whether your instructor has enabled multiple attempts or late completion. 

If your instructor allows late completion on quizzes/tests, the due date has passed, AND you have leftover attempts, you will be prompted to either Try Again or View Results. Since View Results will display the answers, you will be asked if you choose to forfeit your remaining quiz/test attempts. Your attempt grades are visible on the Results page to help you decide.

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What Is The Subscription Price Of Knewton Alta? 

Knewton Alta comes in various payment plans. Alta’s starting range is $10.95 + tax USD monthly. You may need to visit the main page to get more information about the pricing.

Image shows Subscription Price Of Knewton Alta<br />

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