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Is “Math phobia” the reason to punch your confidence? Or “are you confused on how to study for a Math test?” Then there is no big deal. Just calm down and relax.

If you have done badly in the previous exams, then forget that. Scoring low in a single exam is not the end of your academic life. You can even turn the coin within a few hours; on the last night before your math exam. If you are bewildered how to crack the math test of the day after tomorrow, then you can follow some simple steps to see your marks climbing high in the scorecard. These include studying smartly, sleeping well and eating healthy in the previous night before math semesters.

Make a distraction-free and relaxing study space

First of all, hold your breath! You are facing your biggest enemy tomorrow. What should you do first? Prepare the venue. No, not the exam hall! It is your own study space. Remember, the hardest battle is to gobble all the lessons in the last night before an exam. And when it is about math, the attention really matters!

You need to give full concentration on the study in the last few hours. So, keep your phone, laptop, gaming systems and TV in another room. You must find a comfortable chair where you can relax and study. Keep the math textbooks and all the class notes near so that, you can check them out frequently. If it is not possible to make a distraction-free study space, then you can choose your local library to study. You must attempt online tests and quizzes to get apex learning answers to excel in your studies.

Don’t forget to tell the family members and friends that you’ll be unavailable to interact with them during those few hours.

Rework on the problems and keep in mind the corrections

Go through the answer sheets of the tests and the assignments. Rework on those sums which you got wrong.

Jolt down all the steps while trying to solve the problems on your own. Just restrict yourself from looking at the solution first. After this, take note of the mistakes you made and also check out the corrections your instructors did on the paper.

Make a list of important formulas, mark the unknown                                

The basements of math are the formula. We are sure most of you get bewildered only to remember the listless formulas. The easiest way to staple it in your mind is to scribble them. Go through the class notes, math textbook, past exams and assignment papers. Gather all the formula that you have come up. Note down them in a specific place.

Highlight the important ones. Mark the formulas which you have already known and point out the ones which you will still need to master. Try your best to grasp all the concepts and the formulas you have note down.

Choose study methods that meet your learning style

Everyone has a different learning style. You know which learning style works for you the best.  As an example, if you are a visual learner, you can draw pictures, diagrams and make charts to remember the course materials.

If you prefer audio-learning, listen to the online math tutorials and videotaped lectures on You-tube. You can even try to teach or discuss the difficult math concepts to someone else like a family member or a friend. This method might prove beneficial for you to adopt the needful materials.

Hence, use whatever study methods that work effectively to score good marks in the math exam.

Give demo practice exams to see how it works

Giving practice tests at regular intervals can be one of the most effective strategies to learn math. Acquiring the root of math depend upon the 3Ps. Practice, practice and practice.  The best thing to beat the fear of math is to practice it daily.

At first, keep an eye on the textbook exercises, assignments, and other answer sheets. Scrutinize your weak areas and find out where you go wrong. Make a list of those problems. Set a timer and focus on solving out those questions within the time limit. Create a demo exam format. Set the exact time similar to the duration of the exam. Make the format and the length of your practice exam as similar to the real math test as possible.

Seek guidance from your instructors and batchmates

Do not hesitate to reach out to the math instructor of buyonlineclass any time. If you find out something that you cannot sort out on your own, seek assistance from them. Let them know that they are the ultimate destination when it comes to troublesome math problems.

So, if you can’t reach a solution for something, send it your instructor via email as him the way to crack it. However, try to keep your question topic-oriented and specific so that they can give you a specific answer.

You can even ask your fellow classmates and find the best way to reach the solution together. Or you can simply opt for our math exam help service.

Stay Relaxed & take mini-breaks for refreshment

Don’t stick too much time to a particular topic. Take a break between your studies. Take 5-10 minute short break after every 20-30 minutes.

Divide your study session into multiple smaller segments which will help to increase your retention of the material you’re studying.

Stand up, walk around, stretch, wash your eyes, or treat yourself with a cup of coffee during the break.

But do not use your phone, watch TV or check the internet during the mini-refreshment session. This is how; you’ll be able to stay focused.

Set timer for every session

The last night before the exam means you have only the last few hours. So, you do not have the scope to waste a single minute. What you can do is to go through the lesson within some allotted time.

Set a timer and allot specific time for every chapter. Do not spend too much time on a particular section. Setting a timer helps you to cover all the chapters in the last moment.

To conclude with, try at least once these mentioned simple steps than panicking. Your effort in the last night can also bring a difference to your result!

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