What Is Honorlock?

Honorlock is among the important online proctoring services that detect fraudulent activities. It can even detect secondary devices during examinations.

Institutions implement software to maintain academic integrity during a proctored exam. In an online exam, this system is used to keep a check on exam cheating behaviours.

Honorlock systems detect phones and stores student data while taking exams. It works through artificial intelligence and is an incredibly useful remote proctoring software. Therefore, during the proctored exams, the artificial intelligence and a live proctor combine to flag any cheating instance.

The best part of the Honolock online proctoring services is that Honorlock is affordable. It has an easy user interface and does not burden the students with any technical complexity. 

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What Is Honorlock Extension?

What Is Honorlock Extension?
Honorlock extension modifies the Chrome web browser more than your computer. Honorlock requires the usage of Google Chrome, which makes the Honorlock Chrome extension absolutely necessary.

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How Does Honorlock Work?

How Does Honorlock Work?

Honorlock proctoring software has proved to be user friendly, especially for college students. Here are the steps to use this service:

  1. Log into Blackboard,
  2. Proceed to the desired course
  3. Click on the exam tab to start

The Honorlock authentication process starts when clicked on “Launch Proctoring”.

The next step is to take a self-picture, a picture of your student ID. The process completes with a mandatory scan of your room where you sit to take the test.

Honorlock records the exam session and every activity of the online examinee. It is vigilant on your screen and detects whenever any academic misconduct occurs.

As you submit your test papers, the session ends, and Blackboard takes a note of your exam attempt.

Finally, the instructor begins to assess your work and grade you accordingly.

After you exit the process, Honorlock assesses the proctoring activity on your browser. After the test completion, one can remove or disable the Honorlock extension. Thus the Honorlock browser helps you to work out your test to the end.

To solve more queries on ‘how does Honorlock work?’ you are recommended to visit their website. They have a vivid and easy-to-follow video guide on how their equitable learning environment works.

The Honorlock assist tutors with a responsible test-taking online environment. It is expected that the teachers would set various parameters to identify any forms that threaten academic integrity.

Also, Honorlock detect phones and uses student data but is not designed to sell student information in any way. Thus one can trust this remote proctoring software for online exams.

Honorlock is empowered to monitor data. It is not easy to cheat Honorlock. Let us look at the exam settings and understand how they host the seeded test questions.

1. Artificial Intelligence to track students’ online activities during the exam session:

Honorlock or Honor lock is majorly designed for higher education institutions. During tests, Honorlock utilizes various inbuilt algorithms to evaluate unusual activities.

2. Works on the various test-taking parameters:

Clear instruction makes this online proctoring exam easy to conduct. The instructions determine the dos and don’ts during the test. For instance, it will show you whether the test allows the use of a calculator or a specific website. It checks the exam window, and the virtual machine can even block a site that is not allowed to use.

3. Evaluation of the test report:

The aim of this report is to review the student’s activity throughout the test. Understanding the honesty and integrity maintained during this test phase of online learning is a major step. The report of the automated proctoring service will flag in the event of Honorlock cheating or any other dishonest activities detected. Based on this report, the teacher will catch students accordingly.

4. Voice detection:

The AI used in Honorlock software has a unique feature to listen to keywords and identify cheating incidents from cell phones. The Honorlock proctors alert a live remote proctor for real-time intervention. This incredible feature checks the student behavior after receiving answers from someone else present in the testing environment.

5. Detect and Destroy feature:

It restricts the students from sharing their answers with anyone online.
With so many security measures, it is thus challenging to cheat Honorlock. When students begin exams students need to be extremely careful, especially about the voice detection feature. On detection of cheating behaviors, the system flags the inappropriate activity and the tutor reviews it.

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Does Honorlock Record You?

Does Honorlock Record You?

Yes, Honorlock records all your activities of you during the online exam. It has different methods by which it records your entire activity, screen, audio, and exam environment and detects any academic integrity during the exam session.

The security measures adopted by Honorlock are authentic. It inhibits a top-notch level of security that ensures the credibility of remote proctoring. Honorlock also records student information to double monitor the activities and preserve academic integrity. No need to explore the tips on how to cheat on a test.

How Does Honorlock Detect Cheating?

How Does Honorlock Detect Cheating?

Honorlock is a tight online proctoring tool for virtual machines.

It records the student’s unusual activity during an online test or during an ongoing exam.

Honorlock track the examination session and uses various means to record the examinee. The tools may include physical, like the webcams, and a few inbuilt.

All these work together to maintain credibility during the test. Honorlock records you in the following ways:

  • Through the webcam and video feeds:

Honorlock proctoring software records a video of students taking the exams remotely during the examination session. It allows the tutor to review students’ behavior during the Honorlock proctored exam. It will detect suspicious activities like hidden notebooks, etc. The artificial intelligence analyzes student behavior and records body movements and movements of eyes and hands and flags it if found inappropriate.

Detect phones and other secondary devices:

  • Monitoring audio and noise:

 Honorlock can identify any sound that arises from the vicinity of the exam environment. If the voice content or the noise indicates cheating behaviors, then the instructors will catch the student. This proctoring software is powered by a voice detection feature that will range from simple phrases to long sentences related to the exam. It offers alerts to the instructors about academic dishonesty.

  • Using Browser Extension

Honorlock implements a Google chrome extension to monitor the browser used by the examinee. It eventually locks some unethical activities of students who search for answers. It also monitors and prevents anything that highlights cheating. The next step is to alert the instructor.

Does Honorlock Use A Webcam?

Does Honorlock Use A Webcam?
Yes, Honorlock uses a webcam to record a video of students taking exams. The online instructor can check the activities of the students taking the exam.

Furthermore, they can identify suspicious activities like hidden materials.

Honorlock collaborates with AI to analyze students’ performance and activities.

It is good enough to scan home networks and other devices, sounds etc., to recognize the behaviors that hint at cheating. The misconducts are then flagged off to reach the instructor.

How To Cheat Honorlock Online Proctoring Services?

How To Cheat Honorlock Online Proctoring Services?

Now you may want to know the best way to escape the security mechanisms. Well, here you may find several ways to cheat on Honorlock proctoring service:

Adjust the webcam position:

You can manipulate it as the webcam monitors and records every activity in the exam environment. Adjust your web camera in such a way that it cannot record what you do not wish it to. Set the camera so as to allow your tutor to look just below your face. It will let you use notes and cheat sheets easily.

Use the preferred virtual machines:

Use the preferred virtual machines:

Implement a silent keyboard and a double monitor:

Use a dual monitor to Google your answers from other devices connected. Simultaneously, you can enter the test solutions on the host computer.

Mask up:

Mask up:

The global pandemic has made masks a necessity. Wearing them makes things simple for you. You can easily use other devices like earphones or seek answers from someone else in the room with your mask put on your face.
These are some quick tricks and tips to cheat the remote proctoring software. However, students need to be more creative.
The best way to avoid all the nuisance is to study hard, so you do not have to go through such fraudulent activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Honorlock Detect Phones Not On WiFi?

No. Honorlock features are not smart enough to scan home networks. It cannot even monitor data from the devices on the home network. However, Honorlock can detect the devices that are on the same network used for testing.

Also, Honorlock can identify secondary devices such as mobile phones. Many academic units do not allow cell phones during exams.

2. Can Honorlock Track Your Eye Movement?

Yes, Honorlock has eye-detection techniques to track the student’s eye movement. It is AI-enabled software, and hence it can record eye activities that indicate cheating. It is advisable to avoid stretching the eyes to the far neighbourhood or any related unfair means.

3. Does Honorlock Detect Other Tabs?

The browser needs the online students to close all other tabs before they start taking the test. Hence in no way you can keep other tabs open when taking your online exam. Honorlock does not ask you to close other applications that you wish to run on your computer.

4. Does Honorlock Inform You If You Get Flagged?

Honorlock is teamed with Artificial Intelligence. It monitors the entire test-taking session. Eventually, it will flag any suspicious conduct and aware your instructor evidently. Unfortunately, when you submit your answers, all the flagged activities become a part of the final report.

5. Where Does Honorlock Store Student Data?

Honorlock stores each and every photo that it collects from the student data on its platform. It formulates an encrypted and secured connection to keep it confidential. The entire system is practised under a secured, private cloud in one of the US data centres.

6. Can I Uninstall The Honorlock Extension In My Browser After My Exam?

Yes. After the online exam is over, you are entitled to uninstall the Honorlock Chrome extension. However, if you are comfortable keeping it on your computer, you may do it accordingly.

7. Is there a fee at Honorlock for faculty?

No, Honorlock does not have any fee for faculty.

8. Can Honorlock close all tabs?

Honorlock can force students to close all tabs before starting the exam.

9. How long does Honorlock store data?

Honorlock retains data for a period of 12 months. After that, student data get deleted.

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