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Taking an exam in today’s digital age has evolved significantly, and many colleges and universities have adopted online assessment methods to accommodate the diverse needs of their students. To ensure the integrity of these assessments, instructors must rely on advanced proctoring solutions like Honorlock. Operating seamlessly within the Google Chrome browser and adhering to the strict guidelines of FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), Honorlock offers a comprehensive suite of features to proctor exams effectively. 

From room scans to accommodations, it caters to the varied requirements of instructors and the many students who rely on remote learning for their education. In this blog, we delve into the world of Honorlock and how it revolutionizes the online exam-taking experience.


What Is Honorlock?

Wondering what is honorlock? Honorlock is an automated, remote proctoring service used in higher education institutions worldwide to uphold academic integrity during online exams.

Honorlock is an automated, remote proctoring service used in higher education institutions worldwide to uphold academic integrity during online exams. It plays a crucial role in ensuring that students can confidently take exams online while instructors can assess their knowledge fairly. This innovative solution employs cutting-edge technology. Honorlock uses artificial intelligence (AI), facial recognition, eye-tracking, and more to create a responsible and fair test-taking environment.

Using a virtual “proctoring” approach, Honorlock can detect and deter cheating by monitoring the student’s test-taking environment. It can access your webcam and microphone, record your screen, and assess your actions to determine if anything suspicious happens during the exam.

Honorlock’s technology goes beyond traditional proctoring methods, making it fully accessible to disabled students while adhering to compliance standards such as VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template). In addition to AI-powered monitoring, students can use their own computers and reliable internet connections, eliminating the need for in-person proctoring.

With Honorlock, instructors can review recorded exam sessions, reporting anything that appears irregular or violates the test-taking guidelines. This ensures that academic integrity is sustained and students can show their knowledge and skills.

In a world where online education is becoming increasingly prevalent, Honorlock is a reliable and effective tool that helps higher education institutions maintain the integrity of their exams while accommodating the diverse needs of their students. Whether you’re a student or an instructor, Honorlock aims to make online testing secure, accessible, and trustworthy.

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What Is Honorlock Extension?

The Honorlock Chrome Extension shown in the image is a software component that integrates with an online learning management system or a web browser, typically Google Chrome.

The Honorlock Chrome Extension is a software component that integrates with an online learning management system or a web browser, typically Google Chrome. It is part of the Honorlock online proctoring system, which educational institutions use to monitor and maintain the integrity of online exams. Students install the extension on their computers and facilitate live proctoring during online exams.

How Does Honorlock Extension Work?

  1. Operating System: The Honorlock Extension is compatible with various operating systems. Like Windows, macOS, and others, they make it accessible to many students using different devices.
  2. Live Proctoring: During an online exam, the Honorlock Extension enables live proctoring, where a trained proctor monitors the exam in real time. The proctor can see and interact with the student through their computer’s webcam and microphone.

The live proctor can perform various actions, such as verifying the student’s identity, monitoring their behavior during the exam, and intervening if any suspicious activity is detected. This includes speaking to someone else, leaving the computer, or attempting to access prohibited resources.

The Honorlock Extension is a crucial component of the Honorlock proctoring system, helping educational institutions maintain the academic integrity of their online exams by providing live proctoring services that help prevent cheating and ensure a fair testing environment.

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How Does Honorlock Work?

To know how honorlock works, follow the content. The image shows the portal of honorlock and the honorlock quiz page is open.

Honorlock proctoring software has proved to be user-friendly, especially for college students. Here are the steps to use this service:

  1. Log into Blackboard.
  2. Proceed to the desired course.
  3. Click on the exam tab to start.

The Honorlock authentication process starts when clicking on “Launch Proctoring.”

The next step is to take a self-picture, a picture of your student ID. The process completes with a mandatory scan of the room where you sit to take the test.

Honorlock records the exam session and every activity of the online examinee. It is vigilant on your screen and detects whenever any academic misconduct occurs.

As you submit your test papers, the session ends, and Blackboard takes note of your exam attempt.

Finally, the instructor begins to assess your work and grade you accordingly.

After you exit the process, Honorlock assesses the proctoring activity on your browser. After the test completion, one can remove or turn off the Honorlock extension. Thus, the Honorlock browser helps you work out your test.

To solve more queries on ‘How does Honorlock work?’ you are recommended to visit their website. They have a vivid and easy-to-follow video guide on how their equitable learning environment works.

The Honorlock assists tutors with a responsible test-taking online environment. The teachers are expected to set various parameters to identify any forms that threaten academic integrity.

Also, Honorlock detects phones and uses student data but is not designed to sell student information in any way. Thus, one can trust this remote proctoring software for online exams.

Honorlock is empowered to monitor data. It is not easy to cheat Honorlock. Let us examine the exam settings and understand how they host the seeded test questions.

Artificial Intelligence To Track Students’ Online Activities During The Exam Session:

Honorlock is mainly designed for higher education institutions. During tests, Honorlock utilizes various inbuilt algorithms to evaluate unusual activities.

Works On The Various Test-Taking Parameters:

Explicit instruction makes this online proctoring exam easy to conduct. The instructions determine the dos and don’ts during the test. For instance, it will show whether the test allows the use of a calculator or a specific website. It checks the exam window, and the virtual machine can even block a site that is not permitted.

Evaluation Of The Test Report:

This report aims to review the student’s activity throughout the test. Understanding the honesty and integrity maintained during this test phase of online learning is a significant step. The report of the automated proctoring service will be flagged in the event of Honorlock cheating or any other dishonest activities detected. Based on this report, the teacher will catch students accordingly.

Voice Detection:

The AI used in Honorlock software has a unique feature to listen to keywords and identify cheating incidents from cell phones. The Honorlock proctors alert a live remote proctor for real-time intervention. This incredible feature checks the student’s behavior after receiving answers from someone else present in the testing environment.

Detect And Destroy Feature:

It restricts the students from sharing their answers with anyone online.

With so many security measures, it is challenging to cheat Honorlock. When students begin exams, students need to be extremely careful, especially about the voice detection feature. When detecting cheating behaviors, the system flags the inappropriate activity, and the tutor reviews it.

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How Does Honorlock Detect Cheating?

Honorlock proctoring software detects cheating and has proved to be user-friendly, especially for college students.

Honorlock is a tight online proctoring tool for virtual machines. It records the student’s unusual activity during an online test or an ongoing exam. Honorlock tracks the examination session and uses various means to record the examinee. The tools may include physical, like the webcams, and a few inbuilt.

All these work together to maintain credibility during the test. Honorlock records you in the following ways:

Through The Webcam And Video Feeds:

Honorlock proctoring software records a video of students taking the exams remotely during the examination session. It allows the tutor to review students’ behavior during the Honorlock proctored exam. It will detect suspicious activities like hidden notebooks, etc. Artificial intelligence analyzes student behavior, records body movements and movements of eyes and hands, and flags it if found inappropriate.

Detect phones and other secondary devices:

Monitoring Audio And Noise:

Honorlock can identify any sound that arises from the vicinity of the exam environment. The instructors will catch the student if the voice content or the noise indicates cheating behaviors. This proctoring software is powered by a voice detection feature ranging from simple phrases to long sentences related to the exam. It offers alerts to the instructors about academic dishonesty.

Using Browser Extension

Honorlock implements a Google Chrome extension to monitor the browser used by the examinee. It eventually blocks some unethical activities of students who search for answers. It also monitors and prevents anything that highlights cheating. The next step is to alert the instructor.

How To Cheat Honorlock Online Proctoring Services?

The infographics show ways to cheat on honorlock online proctoring software.

You should know the best way to escape the security mechanisms. Well, here you may find several ways to cheat on Honorlock proctoring service:

Adjust The Webcam Position:

You can manipulate it as the webcam monitors and records every activity in the exam environment. Instructors should be familiar with the entire process before using Proctorio. Know everything about how proctorio works. Adjust your web camera so it cannot record what you do not wish. Set the camera to allow your tutor to look just below your face. It will let you use notes and cheat sheets easily.

Use The Preferred Virtual Machines:

Implement A Silent Keyboard And A Double Monitor:

Use a dual monitor to Google your answers from other devices connected. Simultaneously, you can enter the test solutions on the host computer.

Mask Up:

The global pandemic has made masks a necessity. Wearing them makes things simple for you. You can easily use other devices like earphones or seek answers from someone else in the room with your mask on your face.

These are some quick tricks and tips to cheat the remote proctoring software. However, students need to be more creative.

The best way to avoid all the nuisance is to study hard so you do not have to go through such fraudulent activities.

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Cons Of The Honorlock

  1. Privacy Concerns: One of the biggest criticisms of Honorlock is the potential invasion of privacy. The software often requires students to grant extensive permissions to their devices. Honorlock can access the students’ webcam, microphone, screen, and browser history. This raises concerns about the confidentiality of personal information and the potential for data misuse.
  2. Technical Issues: Honorlock may not work seamlessly on all devices and internet connections. Students with older computers, limited internet bandwidth, or compatibility issues may experience technical difficulties during exams. These technical problems can be stressful and disruptive, affecting exam performance.
  3. Accessibility Challenges: Some students may have disabilities or require assistive technology to take exams. Honorlock’s proctoring methods, such as screen recording and webcam monitoring, can be inaccessible for specific individuals, potentially leading to unfair disadvantages.
  4. False Positives: Honorlock’s AI algorithms may flag innocent behaviors as suspicious, leading to false positives. Clear actions, like looking away from the screen or talking to oneself while working through a problem, can be interpreted as cheating and result in penalties.
  5. High-Stress Environment: The constant monitoring and surveillance associated with Honorlock can create a high-stress testing environment for students. This stress can negatively impact their performance and may not accurately reflect their knowledge and abilities.
  6. Technical Limitations: The effectiveness of Honorlock in preventing cheating is limited. Determined cheaters can find workarounds or use secondary devices to access prohibited materials without detection. Additionally, the software may not effectively detect cheating, such as using a phone or collaborating with others off-camera.
  7. Internet Dependence: Students living in areas with unreliable internet connections or frequent outages may need help using Honorlock. Interruptions in internet access can disrupt the exam and potentially lead to unfair penalties.
  8. Cost: Honorlock is only sometimes free for students, and some institutions pass the cost of using the service onto them. This additional expense can be burdensome for students, especially those facing financial challenges.
  9. Concerns About Data Security: Students may worry about the security of their data and recordings, given the potential for data breaches or misuse by the proctoring service provider.
  10. Negative Student Experience: Using Honorlock and similar proctoring services can create a negative experience for students, decreasing satisfaction with online courses and assessments.

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