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While solving a problem sum, we encounter a situation where hand calculation is just not enough. Maybe because in Mathematics, we desire to get quick values without much complexity. 

Let’s say you are doing a geometry question where you have to find a circle’s circumference. In that case, first, you have to input the values in the Formula. Once done, you have to solve it further to get the final result. 

Now, what if you have a tool for such problems? It will make it easy for you to solve the equation. Well, to make the process simple for you, today we will be discussing top free math progress monitoring tools for math that will help teacher, kids, and students to get correct results without any hassle. Looking for 100% accurate MyMathLab Answer Keys 2021? Here we are to help you.

5 Free Math Tools That Will Help Students To Calculate Accurate Values

Mathematics is a subject where students require assistance with free math tools and math app. That’s because there are many scenarios where calculating the entire thing manually can get long. 

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 In that case, a math calculator can perform the process fast. Be it algebra or graphing; students might require these tools and math app for quick solutions. Here are some of the online math tools for students that can help you get correct values instantly


1. Arc Length Calculator

arc length calculator

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Arc Length Calculator is used to calculate the arc length and area of the sector. It is an easy and effortless tool to calculate the arc length of a circle. Before moving on to the tool, let’s comprehend the concept of arc length in brief.  

What is Arc Length?

An arc is considered as part of the circumference of a circle or a curve. It can also be viewed as a part of some other curve shapes like an ellipse. However, an arc is quite common in circles. The distance covered from one point of the curve to another is known as Arc Length. 

How to use the Arc Length Calculator?

To calculate the arc length through the calculator, follow the steps given below

  • First of all, input the Radius and angle at the center circle of the sector.
  • After doing so, it will provide the results. 
What is the Arc Length Formula?

The arc length formula can calculate arc length. The value relies on circle radius and central angle θ. It is known that for a 360-degree (2𝛑) angle, the arc length is equivalent to the circumference. Now, as the proportion between arc length and angle is constant, it can be written as

L / θ = C / 2𝛑

L / θ = 2𝛑r / 2𝛑 ( Circumference ( C ) = 2𝛑r )

L / θ = r

L = r * θ

From the above-stated equation, we can say that the arc length is equal to the product of the Radius and central angle.

What is the Formula of the area of a sector of a circle?

Just like the above steps, the area of a sector of a circle can be calculated too. It is known that the area of a circle is equal to 𝛑r2. We can say that.

A / θ = 𝛑r2 / 2𝛑 

A / θ = r2 / 2


A = r2 * θ / 2

2. Circumference Calculator

circumference calculator

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A circumference calculator calculates the circumference of a circle with the help of its Radius. It utilizes the formula C=2𝛑r to render the result. In addition to that, the calculator can also calculate the area (𝛑r2 ) and diameter (2r) of the circle. 

What is a Circumference?

The circumference of a circle is the boundary or the linear distance around it. If you open a circle as a straight line, its length is known as its circumference.

How to Use the Circumference Calculator?

To use the circumference calculator, follow the steps given below

  • First of all, enter the Radius and select the unit of the same. 
  • As soon as the values are entered, the calculator will calculate the diameter, circumference, and circle area. 

What is the Formula to Calculate the Circumference of a Circle?

The Formula to calculate the circumference of a circle is mentioned below.

C= 2𝛑r 


𝛑= 3.14 or 22/7

r= Radius of the circle

As the calculator finds the area and diameter as well, here are the formulas for both



Where r=radius, a=area, and d=diameter of a circle. 

3. Slope Calculator

slope calculator

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A slope calculator is a free tool that can calculate the slope for an equation with the formula m = (y2 – y1)/ (x2 – x1). This tool makes the calculation process more effortless and fast. Thus, with the calculator, students can get the values for any platform like Khan academy answers within seconds.

What is a Slope?

The value that measures the steepness, incline, or grade is known as the slope of a line. It is also known as the gradient of a line. In mathematics, the slope is determined as “rise over run” or change in y divided by change in x. There are four types of slopes

  • Positive Slope
  • Negative Slope
  • Undefined
  • Zero Slope

How to use the Slope Calculator?

To use the slope calculator, make sure to follow the steps given below

  • Input the coefficient of the equation within the provided space.
  • The slope value will be displayed on the screen. 
What is the Complete Formula to Calculate the Slope?

The slope of a line is expressed as m. It can further be calculated by the Formula mentioned below

Slope (m) = (y2 – y1)/ (x2 – x1)


x1 and x2 are the coordinates of x

y1 and y2 are the coordinates of y

With the increase in the slope of a line, the steepness increases too. A student can determine the direction of a line illustrated by m through the sign and value

  • m>0, an increasing line that goes up from left to right.
  • m<0, a decreasing line that goes down from left to right
  • m=0, a horizontal line with a constant slope
  • A vertical line has an undefined slope as it will have 0 in the denominator.

4. Slope Intercept Form Calculator

slope intercept form calculator

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The Slope-Intercept Form Calculator helps students to know the equation of a line from two points that it crosses. It will help you to know the slope coefficients along with the x and y-intercepts. 

What is a Slope-Intercept Form?

The slope-intercept is a particular form of linear equation with a general formula y=mx+b. The equation y=mx+b defines a line. Once the line is put on a graph, m is considered as the slope of the line, and b is the particular point where the line crosses the y-axis. 

How to Use the Slope Intercept Form Calculator?

To use the slope-intercept form calculator, follow the steps that are mentioned below

  • At first, enter the first point coordinates and the second point coordinates.
  • As soon as you do, the slope-intercept form will be displayed on the screen. 
What is the Formula to Calculate the Slope-Intercept Form?

The Formula of the slope-intercept form is mentioned below.


Where, m=slope 

b= y-intercept

5. Point Slope Form Calculator

point slope form calculator

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With the help of the point-slope form calculator, one can calculate the equation of a line using the slope and any point on that line. 

What is a Point-Slope Form?

Point slope form can be used to write an equation of a line. Thus, if the coordinate point and slope values are determined, the equation of a line can be known. To calculate the point-slope form, you have to place the value in the Formula y-y1 = m(x – x1).    

How to Use the Point-Slope Form Calculator?

Here are the steps by which you as a student can use the point-slope form calculator

  • At first, input the point coordinates.
  • As soon as you do so, the value will be calculated.
What is the Formula to Calculate the Point-Slope Form?

The Formula to calculate the point-slope form is given below

y-y1 = m(x – x1)


Both X1 and Y1 are point coordinates.

Helpful Tools For Students Aside Online Math Apps (Bonus +2)

Apart from the basic free math tools and math app, you might require additional tools to calculate grades and GPA. With these free math tools and math app, it is easy to determine both of these values.

Grade Calculator

grade calculator

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Be it percentage or point grade type, with the help of a grade calculator, you can find out your score without any hassle. It is a helpful calculator that can tell you the final grade in just a few clicks. 

How to Use the Grade Calculator?

By following the below-mentioned process, you will be able to calculate the grades effortlessly.

  • At first, choose the grade type from the options ( Letters, Percentage, or Points)
  • After that, enter up to 20 grades and mention the weight.
  • You can change the calculator to advanced mode too. For that, press the advanced mode button. 
  • Once done, you will get the grades on the screen. 

GPA Calculator

gpa calculator

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If you are looking for a calculator or tool that will create a grade report and calculate the grade point average, this one is the right choice. 

With this tool, you can calculate GPA by using the Formula, where you will have to divide the total number of courses by the total marks secured by the students. It signifies that an unweighted high school GPA= the sum of grade point equivalent/ the sum of courses. Apart from this, you can also check other free tools here for quick calculations.

How to Use the GPA Calculator? 

Make sure to follow the steps given below to calculate your GPA from the GPA calculator.

  • At first, choose if you want your GPA for high school or college.
  • Then, you will be directed to select if it’s a different course type or a regular one.
  • For credits, you will be given two options, i.e., “no credits/all the same” or “yes.” Make sure to choose accordingly.
  • You will further be asked to decide if you want to calculate a cumulative GPA. Select as per your desire.
  • Mention the course grade one by one. You can enter up to 30 courses in the given field to calculate the GPA.  


These were some of the basic free math tools online that can help students render correct values. As the exact formulas are used to get the figures, each of these smart math tools helps grasp the math concepts. Besides, these calculators are certainly more than the usual digital calculators or digital math tools that did multiplication, division, fractions, etc.

Similarly, If you are a student and want a quick guide on how to study for a Math Test, this tool will definitely come in Handy!

We hope you liked our article on math technology tools. Stay associated with our web page for a more exciting learning resource, education models, or teaching resources. We also have read about different online interactive math tools, Pearson math tools, math apps, and math concepts. If you need any Online class help for maths, make sure to consult our experts now!

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