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Preparing for exams and classes doesn’t have to be complicated. Many simple methods can teach you how to study effectively. All plans may not work for every student; trial and error can help you find the best ways. Here are 24 effective study hacks that can simplify student life and help increase productivity, boost focus, eliminate distractions, and help concentration. 

24 Best Study Hacks To Make Student Life Easy 

Many students need help concentrating on their studies and effectively accomplishing academic targets. So they discover some of the best places to study near me that help to energize the brain. The best study strategies can increase attention and focus. From finding your learning style to chewing gum, there are many ways that you can take control of your study habits. To prepare a healthy habit, here are some hacks to study:

1. Create a Routine

The first effective study hack is to Create a Routine. As shown in the doodle, the student is making a routine to avoid fatigue and stress
Make a routine that works best for you, maximize productivity, and prevent wasting time. Make a study plan template in advance with the time and date. You can write down the key concepts you want to handle in each session. Leave some room for flexibility for unplanned events. 

2. Prioritize your tasks 

Identify and prioritize your tasks that need to be done first or essential. Set realistic goals, and don’t aim to do more than you can handle. Assess your capabilities and plan your objectives accordingly. 

3. Stay Organized

Staying organized helps to boost your performance. Keep the necessary things nearby while studying. Don’t wait to collect your classwork and notes for the last day. Arrange all resources in advance to make the most of your time. Sort your messages and study materials on the desk, as it will help you prevent wasting time. 

4. Take breaks 

Don’t sit at your desk for hours. Try to study in installments and take frequent breaks. Take a break for 10 to 15 minutes after looking for 1 hour. If you learn for 4 hours at a stretch, take a more extended leave of 20 to 30 minutes. It can help study better and retain information longer. 

Study habits may vary from one student to another. So don’t compare yourself with your classmates.

5. Get a Good Night’s Rest


The doodle shows a woman is all set to sleep referring to Get a Good Night’s Rest study hack

Don’t compromise your sleep to do homework or assignments. Take at least 7 to 8 hours of good night’s sleep. It will improve students and give them the ability to recall information. 

6. Don’t Memorize

Another easy study hack is not memorizing the texts. You should always aim to develop a better understanding of topics. In this way, you can answer any question that comes up for exams. 

Determine the most critical topics for exams. Try to learn them first and then move to the less urgent issues. It will help in time management and give a sense of accomplishment. 

7. Take Practice Tests

There is a saying that ‘practice makes you perfect,’ which also applies here. Practicing past exam questions is one of the best study hacks for students. It allows you to test your knowledge and become familiar with questions you might get for the exam. It helps to spot your weak areas and also determine areas of improvement. However, you can direct your efforts toward optimal outcomes. It develops the confidence to answer the paper correctly. 

8. Study Early


The doodle shows that a student is preparing at the last moment before an exam. The study hack suggests that one should start early to prepare for exam.
Please don’t keep your work to the last minute as it can be stressful. You might take time to complete the tasks, so start early.

Write down the main points that help you to focus and memorize things. Taking notes boosts retention. If you need help, hire Buyonlineclass.com. Whether you need help for an entire semester or just a single assessment, the experts can help with timed quizzes and last-minute submissions.

9. Stay hydrated and get enough sleep

Staying hydrated is important as it helps to think better and supports your cognitive function. The excellent study hacks recommend getting adequate sleep to perform and concentrate better. 

10. Create a Dedicated Study Space

Establishing a designated study room solely for studying is highly recommended by experts. Select a quiet, peaceful study spot that helps you concentrate, eliminating potential distractions for improved focus during your learning sessions.

11. Rely on Memory Aids

Use memory aids such as mnemonic devices or memorization tools to enhance learning. There are focus techniques for online studying. It involves associating colors, rhymes, or acronyms with new information. It also helps recall information better by establishing connections with your memory aids.

12. Work Out


The doodle shows a woman is exercising to keep her mind fresh so that she can study harder
Maintaining physical and mental fitness is another study hacks for exams students must follow. Taking care of yourself is essential, which includes consuming a nourishing diet and incorporating exercise into your routine.

If you prefer not to go to the gym, try free-hand exercises. Physical activity helps create new brain cells, enhances alertness, and helps retain information.

Prioritize addressing health concerns like obesity or anxiety, as these conditions can significantly affect mood and learning capabilities. Being proactive about your health is critical to enhancing academic performance.

13. Socialize Enough

Ensure you don’t lock yourself in your room all day long. It’s essential to allow your mind some relaxation and time away from constant study. Spending time with friends and family is crucial for this purpose. Consider taking short weekend trips to nearby places.

This social interaction will motivate and inspire you, enhancing your focus levels.

14. Be a Teacher

Teaching others is an effective hack for study. It enables a deeper understanding of key concepts. Furthermore, reinforcing your learning occurs when you explain concepts to someone else.

Engaging in study groups also offers notable benefits for your learning process.

15. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness enhances focus on various aspects, aiding in concentration and calming your mind. Listening to music while studying is a top-notch strategy for students, as it can elevate mood, alleviate stress, increase motivation, enhance focus, and help retain new information.

You can also listen to classical music while studying. According to the research, it also increases their mental performance.

Meditation also helps students become more patient, which leads to good academic performance.

16. Try Microlearning

Utilize the microlearning strategy to grasp complex information swiftly in small portions. Breaking down topics into smaller segments helps in effective learning.

It allows for easy review and revision of these components whenever necessary to boost retention.

17. Learn Alone

Contrary to popular belief, studying alone can be advantageous, especially when delving into new concepts or topics. Additionally, participating in group study sessions allows for sharing ideas, discussing concepts, and broadening your knowledge base.

18. Don’t Look at the Clock

To maximize your study session, stop checking the clock frequently, which can be exhausting and decrease motivation. Instead, consider setting alarms on your mobile to manage study time for sessions and breaks effectively.

19. Make Coffee Your Friend


Doodle shows three people are drinking coffee together to brush off the sleepy feeling

Coffee not only delights the taste buds but also enhances academic performance by:

  • Heightening alertness
  • Enhancing concentration,
  • Boosting energy levels

Aim for a caffeine intake between 50 to 300 mg for optimal results.

20. Capitalize on Technology

Interactive learning tools are extensively used in online classes, offering opportunities for enhanced learning. Utilize these resources to your advantage, such as:

  • Online quizzes
  • Flashcard generators
  • Memory enhancement tools,
  • Simulations tailored for graduate school 

21. Build a Concept Map

Utilize a concept map as a visual representation of information. Use charts and tables, and draw diagrams to map your concepts effectively. This technique is one of the most beneficial and secret study hacks applicable to everyday life.

22. Self-Study Hacks

Research indicates that testing yourself after learning enhances retention. Many self-study tips are highly beneficial to quiz yourself or answer questions after completing a chapter.

Additionally, diversifying your learning methods can further optimize the learning process.

23. Ask Questions In Study Session

Elaborative interrogation, a method endorsed by researchers, proves highly effective for learning. Delve deeper into concepts by questioning yourself when uncertain—link information to develop a comprehensive understanding of your subject matter.

24. Watch Videos

Research indicates that videos are valuable for improving your learning, especially for explaining complex topics. Therefore, incorporating educational videos into your study routine is a significant studying hack for students.


If you struggle with maintaining focus during sessions or seek ways to maximize your learning, consider this approach: set a timer for an interval without distraction.

When the time elapses, take a break to engage in another task, like making coffee or attending to household chores, before resuming your studies. This strategy can help you refresh your mind and focus on studying.

Remember, not every study hack will suit everyone’s learning style. However, experimenting with these methods might provide even a slight advantage. Time is valuable, so adopting study techniques that optimize your learning potential is wise or you can simply learn hacks to crack Canvas quiz. To learn how to hack canvas quiz read this blog and take advantage but be cautious.

Frequently Asked Questions

What study strategies will help you improve?

One of the best exam study hacks is to space out learning sessions. If you break your study load over several days, you will retain information more than if you cram in one long session. 

How to make studying more enjoyable?

You can divide your lessons into small chunks to make studying easier. Set smart goals and make a planned routine that works best for you. 

How do you focus 100% on studying?

To focus on studying, plan, create a relaxed study environment, take regular breaks, block distracting sites, drink plenty of water, eat healthy, and reward yourself. For instance, eating dark chocolate can boost blood flow to your brain and increase memory. Chewing gum also acts as a brain booster.

Is it reasonable to study all night?

Studying all night can decrease the performance of learning and memory tasks. The peak cognitive efficiency happens earlier in the day, so looking late means fighting against the natural body clock.

How do intelligent students study?

Intelligent students prioritize every task. They finish their essential tasks and then move to the rest. It helps them not to spend their time on unnecessary things and can focus on what matters.

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