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Can I Use Turnitin Plagiarism Checker For Free? 

If this question is bugging you, then the answer is yes. BuyOnlineClass is here with plagiarism checker free Turnitin service. Here, we have given detailed information about Turnitin and how you can get Turnitin plagiarism checker free report.  

Turnitin is the selected plagiarism checker tool that is used by most universities across the globe. It is only accessible by the universities. However, most students want to know beforehand if their paper will get passed by Turnitin without any plagiarism issues. Thus, students often need a solution where they can check their paper before they submit it to their portal and can fix it if required. This is where we come in. BuyOnlineClass is the only website that provides Turnitin plagiarism checker free for students.

Turnitin free plagiarism checker saves students from embarrassment and any penalty due to the high plagiarism percentage shown by Turnitin. Some professors can mark a 0 grade or even report you to the university for academic dishonesty. If you are wondering, “Is Turnitin free?” Then the answer is a no. Turnitin is not free. But we are here to help you with plagiarism Turnitin checker free service.

BuyOnlineClass.com brings you a Free Turnitin plagiarism checking service to save you from that tight spot. Just send us your document and get the report in a few minutes. In this blog, we will share everything about the online Turnitin plagiarism checker free online and let you know how you can get plagiarism reports of Turnitin from BuyOnlineClass.com. Enjoy our Turnitin for Students free service at your leisure.

BuyOnlineClass Presents You Free Plagiarism Checker For Students

The portal image of Turnitin page shows that it is a paid account and that plagiarism check is done frequently
“How To Get Turnitin For Free?” If this question is bugging you, you are in the right place! At BuyOnlineClass.com, we understand the importance of academic integrity and the challenges students face in maintaining originality in their work. That’s why we’re proud to offer a solution that ensures your academic success while upholding the highest standards of honesty and integrity.

With our dedicated team of experts, we provide free Turnitin plagiarism checker reports for students like you, giving you peace of mind knowing that your work is plagiarism-free and original. Our seamless process allows you to confidently submit your assignments, knowing they will be thoroughly checked using Turnitin’s advanced plagiarism detection technology.

Why worry about plagiarism when you can trust BuyOnlineClass.com to deliver accurate and detailed Turnitin reports? Our commitment to excellence means that you can focus on what really matters: your education and future success.

Experience the difference with BuyOnlineClass.com and take the first step toward academic excellence and integrity today with Turnitin Free Check service. 

Wondering How To Use Turnitin Plagiarism Detector For Free? 

Get a free Turnitin report in just a few steps:

Step 1: Locate the form on our BuyOnlineClass.com page.

Step 2: Fill out the prerequisites: like name, phone number, and email ID, and upload the document you want to check in Word or PDF format.

Step 3: Receive the report in your email in the next 2 hours.

Free Turnitin Plagiarism Check

Now that you know how to use Turnitin for free, let us find out why it is so important!

Premium Free Online Plagiarism Checker To Maintain Academic Integrity

The shows a plagiarism report where the entire content is plagiarised
The ultimate solution for maintaining academic integrity by using a plagiarism software to detect potential plagiarism. Turnitin is the best tool for that. Therefore, the Free Plagiarism Checker Turnitin Free service is now available at BuyOnlineClass.com! Say goodbye to worries about plagiarism and hello to unparalleled quality assurance, all at no cost to you. This online plagiarism checker with percentage will bring peace of mind! 

With Turnitin, the gold standard in plagiarism detection, integrated seamlessly into our platform, you can ensure that your academic work remains original and ethically sound. While Turnitin typically comes with premium price structures, we at BuyOnlineClass.com are thrilled to offer Turnitin Check Free.

Why pay hefty fees elsewhere when you can access the same premium features and cutting-edge technology for free? Our commitment to academic excellence and integrity means you can trust our plagiarism checker to uphold the highest standards of accuracy, originality, and honesty in your writing. 

Don’t compromise on quality or integrity. Experience the power of Turnitin’s premium features without breaking the bank. Join BuyOnlineClass.com today and take your academic journey to new heights with our Premium Free Online Plagiarism Checker. Your success starts here!

Features Of Turnitin Free Plagiarism Detection

The infographics shows the features of Turnitin plagiarism checker

There are many plagiarism checkers on the market. But Turnitin is the best plagiarism checker online among all. The features of Turnitin plagiarism checker include:

Comprehensive Database: 

This online plagiarism checker for students has a vast database of academic papers, publications, websites, and other online sources against which submitted assignments are compared.

Detailed Originality Reports: 

Users receive detailed originality reports highlighting any plagiarized content between their submitted work and existing sources. These reports include percentage similarity, source identification, and contextual information.

Text Comparison Algorithms: 

Turnitin plagiarism detection tool utilizes advanced algorithms and anti-plagiarism software to compare submitted text with content in its database, identifying verbatim matches and paraphrased content.

Integration with Learning Management Systems: 

Turnitin can be seamlessly integrated with various learning management systems used by educational institutions, streamlining the process to detect plagiarism for instructors and students.

Feedback and Revision Tools: 

Turnitin plagiarism detector provides tools for instructors to provide feedback to students based on the originality reports. This facilitates a constructive approach to addressing issues of plagiarism and improper citation.

Customization Options: 

Users can customize settings and preferences according to institutional policies and specific assignment requirements, ensuring flexibility in usage.

Educational Resources: 

This online plagiarism checker offers educational resources and guides to help users better understand plagiarism, citation practices, and academic integrity principles.

How Can You Provide A Turnitin Plagiarism Check Report For Free?

The turnitin portal image shows that it is a paid account and Dietitian content are being checked

We have an adequately paid subscription to Turnitin plagiarism detection software. As we all know, Turnitin can only be accessed by universities. Accordingly, we are connected to a few universities and can give you the report. 

BuyOnlineClass is an established class help and assignment help platform. We take courses for students and help them by writing their assignments. While submitting, we provide them with the Turnitin report, ensuring the originality of our work. Thus, students who avail of our services get the report free of cost. Now, we are opening our doors to every student as we understand it is necessary for all. We also provide Chegg answers for free.

What Are The Consequences Of Plagiarism?

The major reason we advise students to check plagiarism is because the consequences are severe. Coping or plagiarizing someone’s original work without their permission is considered Academic Honesty Policy violation in many universities. The consequences include:

  1. If a student is caught plagiarizing via Turnitin software or any other online plagiarism checking tools, they can be expelled or suspended.

  3. AI writing or copy and paste writing may destroy a student’s reputation. A plagiarist never lands a good job because of their social stature.

How Do You Get A Similarity Score Below 5%?

The meme shows the office character Dwight. The meme emphasizes on image citation

Crediting the Source

Most students need to cite the sources properly. However, if you cite the sources correctly, your similarity percentage will be significantly low.

Proper Paraphrasing 

If any part of your content is influenced by someone else, try to paraphrase it properly. Rewrite the part, keeping the essence.

Using Statistics With Proper Source Credit 

Always cite the statistics with proper source credit. Missing out on crediting statistical data is another reason to be flagged by Turnitin.

Using Photographs/Images With Proper Source Credit 

Always cite the images and photographs with proper source credit. Missing out on crediting pictures and photographs is another reason to be flagged by Turnitin.

Writing Your Paper Yourself

Make sure you write the entire paper yourself without copying from web or previously published online journals. 

Concerns About Turnitin AI Report

The image shows that AI report of turnitin where it shows that the content is 51% AI and 49% original
Turnitin added AI Detection to its features on April 4, 2023. Since April 2023, universities have rejected papers because of AI content and plagiarized content, as shown in the report generated by Turnitin. However, recently, Turnitin was facing a backlash because of the inaccuracy of its AI reports. Several students started complaining about how the AI report by Turnitin is giving false positives. Students claimed that even though they wrote the paper themselves, Turnitin flagged them for using AI. 

Some universities, like Vanderbilt, have realized this issue and decided to disable Turnitin’s AI detection feature altogether.

Although, we know this is insufficient to prove to your professor that you are innocent and did not commit academic dishonesty. Yet, it might be something to inform the professors. 

Sometimes, the Turnitin AI detection tool does not work, and it only shows plagiarism reports. 

How To Bypass the Turnitin AI Detector?

The image shows two AI reports by Turnitin
To begin with, Turnitin’s database contains over 80 billion web pages, 190 million student papers, and 110,000 journals and publications. Likewise, this extensive database enables thorough plagiarism and AI detection. Therefore, bypassing AI detection is nearly impossible. Nevertheless, we have mentioned some tips to help you with the AI detection:

  1. Use AI Tools Wisely: Using AI tools to take notes is fine, but asking it to write your entire paper might be the most significant academic risk. Instead, take notes from AI tools and write your paper. It will be original and AI-free.

  3. Use Proper Prompt: Even if using AI, give the prompt correctly. Instruct the AI to maintain burstiness and perplexity. As human beings write sentences with flow. But AI maintains the sentence length. 

  5. Language And Sentence: The language should be easy to understand, and the sentences should be short and crisp. Moreover, try to write in a flow to generate human feelings. Do not be a robot!

Even though we are giving you these ideas, we would like to mention that AI-detecting tools can still detect AI. We advise you to write your paper and not be flagged to maintain academic integrity.

Why Do Students Choose Us To Do Their Assignments?

The image shows that the content written by BuyOnlineClass for it’s student is 100% original and AI free
If you want a perfect and insightful assignment for your course, the best way is to hire a professional like BuyOnlineClass.com to do that for you:

Subject Experts

We have 500+ PhD experts who will work on your assignment. They write assignments on your behalf and provide you with a Turnitin report. 

100% Original Paper. No use of AI.

Our experts will write your assignment, maintain the rules and guidelines given by your university, and submit it before the deadline. As a result, you can be assured that your work is 100% original and human-written.

Exciting Offers And Referral Programs

We even have offers and referral programs to help you economically. In fact, check them out and book a consultation now!

24/7 Customer Service

In any case, we are always available for you. Thus, our customer support team will constantly update you about the progress of your work.


Our service is affordable and without a doubt aims to provide you with the perfect assignments without breaking the bank.

Comprehensive Class Support

Our service is designed to help you with comprehensive class help. In brief, we write assignments, take your online classes, online exams, and participate in discussion boards for you.

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