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Writing assignments needs skills and effectiveness to incorporate your skills and experience. It needs high quality work and creativity in your writing. In case of writing the guiding tips can only help you out to write but the creativity that is the main tool to write an assignment. However, I have suggested certain outstanding points to follow so that it helps you to write the assignment in an effective way. Moreover, it can also be mentioned that the different ways would help you to score good marks in your semesters and this in turn would lead to the development of your impressions. There are several steps would help you to design a well develop assignment writing.

Outlining the introduction

The image shows a diary with pen and pencil talking about outlining the introduction

The introduction is considered to be the most significant part for your assignment. This is because you are vividly explaining your entire project or assignment within few lines. For this very reason you are required to write the same in such a way that the reader gets attracted to your assignment and they feel enthusiastic in reading your entire assignment. The introduction is regarded as the most essential part of an assignment that helps in attracting the attention of the readers. The introduction is the brief explanation of the entire project and thus must be designed in such a way that it incorporates your ideas very clearly. The introduction must be provided with some extra information so that it helps in grasping with the valuable information throughout the writing.

In addition to this, it can also be explained that the outline of the entire assignment is equally essential for the project. The outline is nothing but the structure that you will follow through your writing. Therefore, it can be mentioned that the outline of the project or the assignment must be designed initially before commencing with the assignment and get the same rectified by the teacher. This would help you to figure out the problems at the initial stage which would give a better shape to your writing skill. Therefore, it is equally essential for the writer to gauge at the development of the structure along with the materials that you will follow while writing the assignment. This would enhance the quality of the writing and at the same time it would also help in the better understanding of the assignment. Click here, if you want to know more about the primary and secondary sources.


Tips to write better assignment

The image shows scrabbles tiles forming tips and tricks on table

The skill of writing continues to develop with your experience. Therefore, I can say that the skill of writing does not obtain from learning things but it comes from within and through regular practices. A student who writes on a regular basis has more vocabulary power and writing power which they can incorporate within their writing in an effective manner. Therefore, through experience I want to share some useful tips that would help you in the long run to deliver the best assignment writing. These skills have evolved within me due to the regular writing practices which have helped me to deliver my best whenever I write assignments.  

Critical thinking

The image shows a man is thinking critically about how to write the best college assignments and structure it

When you are writing an assignment only description does not works. It needs the power of critical thinking. Writing in a descriptive manner only fulfills the word count. However, when you want to write the best assignment you need to incorporate your critical thing to give the writing a strong base. Making the assignment an argumentative enables others to understand that the topic on which you have written is fully understandable to you and you have clarified your opinions in you piece of work.

Using ‘I’ and ‘You’

The image shows a sign board showing many people and above them three words you, me & we which one should not use in assignments

While writing an assignment, you must write in an impersonal language which means you cannot make the use of ‘I’ and ‘You’. This is because you are just sharing your opinion in the writing based on the authoritative statement. The best assignment can be derived only when you argue with your opinion contradicting the author’s statement.


the image shows a paper where reference word is in bold

The most essential thing that you must understand while delivering the best assignment is that you must properly reference your work. It is recommended to reference your work mostly in the Harvard system and in-text them properly so that you critical writing is highlighted.   

Longevity of your conception

The image shows word doc and bullets and numbering button have been highlighted

While writing you must focus every point on which your topic is based on. Writing can be considered to be good only when you stick by your conception. The longevity of your power of thinking develops your work into the best one.

Using numbers and bullets

The image shows word doc and bullets and numbering button have been highlighted

In this case, it can be well evaluated that it is good to avoid using the bullets and numbers and write the assignment in paragraph style.

Word count

The image shows a page and word count written on it

Maintaining a proper word count is also very essential as exceeding the word count means that you are not eligible to explain to opinion in a brief. In addition to this, failing to meet the word count given is also considered as inefficacy to write a proper assignment.

Structuring an assignment

The image shows a man making a structure before writing an assignment

The structure of the assignment is another significant thing that must be considered while commencing with an assignment. Before start working on the assignment you must plan an outline of the entire report that you would develop. First of all develop an outline of the process that you would follow for the accomplishment of the project. You need to follow the following steps in order to structure your work in an effective manner. Check out how to write a lab report structure from our recent article.

Firstly, develop proper paragraphs while writing and do not use the numbering or the bullet points. In addition to this, the paragraphs must be ended properly and avoid dividing the paragraphs abruptly. This is the first rule that can help you to divide your paragraphs effectively. For instance, you are writing an essay, in that case you would segregate your paragraphs in four parts which would mainly include paragraph listing, causes and effects, contrast and compare and solution to the problem.

Secondly, you must link the paragraphs based on the topic of your research and try to use the same idea for the rest of the essay.

Thirdly, make a conclusive ending of your work and go back to the point which you have upended in the introduction.


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