There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics. —– Benjamin Disraeli

Humor aside if a student considers statistics in such light he is not going to make much of a future in this field. But yes, Benjamin Disraeli could not have been nearer to the truth. It is because statistics can make or break a perfectly consolidated fact. So we want that you develop a love-hate relationship with the subject and consider it more as a muse than anything else.

For beginners, we should clarify that statistics is a branch of study where the collection of data, its representation, the analyses and its presentation is essential. When we study statistics, we usually apply the numerals in a scientific, social or industrial problem study. Statistics usually elucidates facts and goes on to support a particular set of statements made in an essay or article.

The online course at My Stat Lab helps a student by incorporating the statistical software StatCrunch into the curriculum and helping him to evaluate and scrutinize data at a rapid rate. We have made statistics easy for our students by giving him ingress to an enormous amount of data as well as scope for analyses which can be performed with the help of statistical software. The course curriculum for the students has been designed by people who are experts in statistics.

The statistics curriculum is such that it can fit into any course framework. Fast learning and easy assimilation on the part of the students are the chief features instrumental in making My Stat Lab pages beneficial. Any student who is interested in statistics can enroll for this course, but he has to have a valid email id, an access code, as well as a course code to be a legitimate member of the My Stat Lab page. Each student will have an instructor who will guide the student in the right direction. The instructor can even prepare a separate course module together with course contents for his students; such is the flexibility of the My Stat Lab.

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These days, has aspired to reach Pearson My Stat Lab to the students of statistics with exceptional ease so that if you just log onto the site, the students can apply their knowledge to current situations and circumstances. There are two ways in which my stat lab answers can benefit the students of statistics:

  • The interactive assignments help a lot of students to engage in statistical assignments in a dynamic way to make analyses of statistical data.
  • My stat lab answers to data analyses problem set will help a student to think critically which in reality is of vital importance. At you will get a whole bunch of 1000 questions and answers which are based on the concept of statistics. The students will be helped to think exclusively and learn at their own pace. The course with its facility of my stat lab test answers is very much designed to help those enthusiastic students who want to make further learning in statistics.

The courses prepared by Pearson available on are updated with key concepts which are quite contemporary in usage. The learning modules and videos are available for the purpose of giving support to students. The stat lab answers prove really helpful to the students because they are egged to have an analytical bend of mind through these exercises.

There are homework pages and assignment sections on My Stat Lab page where students will be able to practice and develop skills in statistics. Feedback in the form of my stat lab test answers to the problems will be provided which will be especially beneficial for the not so bright students. The feedback will help the students to grasp the overall importance of statistics as such and will help the students to score better grades in tests in the future days. The tutorial assistance provided to the students goes a long way in ensuring a space of independent learning which will be accessible to all students from all corners of the world. A student will get Pearson My Stat Lab from all kinds of devices from the website

“Math is a language that you use to describe statistics, but really it is about collecting information and putting it in an order that makes sense.” —— was what all that Lauren Stamile had to say about statistics. He had captured the true essence of statistics.





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