Why Students Should Give More Imortance to Extra Curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities are exposure to the outside world beyond the academic curriculum. Your college can be the birth place of your enthusiasm towards these activities. The foundation of your psychological and personality development lies in extra-curricular activities.

How many university students have thought to complete their Golf course? Or step into the world of music? The names are few. But extra-curricular activities remind us of the popular images and profiles of the star athletes, world-famous musicians and renowned artists. It helps the students to explore their passion and interest outside the bookish environment of the institute’s territory.

“Education is informative and important but extracurricular activities sow and nurture dreams”

Do some ‘moves’ for a healthy academic life

Neither the students get the time to look after their health, nor do they get the opportunity to nurture their hobbies. Nowadays, the student’s life has turned into a boiling kettle. It seems impossible for them to gather some quality time to do regular exercise. Most of the students even engage in a full-time job.

Their life has been trapped into a laptop screen for completing listless assignments or attending the online classes. Eventually, they face many harmful and unhealthy consequences.

As a solution, they can hire some experts whom they can say, ‘take my online class for me’ to find time for some extra-curricular activities. Many activities like swimming, doing yoga and playing tennis will help you to stay fit and healthy.  

Academic institutions have to take the initiative

The 21st century is an era of rat-race competition, whether it is for finding a suitable job, life-partner or desirable marks. The relentless pressure in the college and the university throttled the students and turned them a mere bookish engine.

In this circumstance, the college authority has to take the initiative to launch some activities in the curriculum and make it compulsory for the students.

Almost every college in the U.S arranges several types of extracurricular activity like debate club, music and sports. These acts cultivate teamwork, responsibility, competition, diversity, and cultural ideology in the students.

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 Apply your knowledge in a real-world context  

Extracurricular activities channelize the student’s academic skills in real-world context application. The lessons they have learnt in the classrooms need to apply somewhere else so that the activities reinforce their skills.  As an example, if a business management student participates in a debate competition regarding business growth, he consequently enhances his practical knowledge over the subject.

Students in the United States engage in a wide range of extracurricular activities like athletic programs; service, music, and drama organizations; and vocational clubs. The students do not receive marks for their involvement in the activities even if the college authority arranges it.

Choose the most suitable Extra-curricular Activities

The students can choose different activities according to their interest among musical activities, community service, debate competition, charitable fundraising, drama and science clubs etc.  

Some students also have hobbies such as gardening, cookery, crafts, and dance. These hobbies are not equally entertained in an educational institute like the academic curriculum. Unfortunately, the authority considers the activities less important than the syllabus of the main curriculum.

Follow your Passion and Interest

The students can pursue their goals and interests while doing their chosen extra-curricular activities. It gives them a space to let their passion spread wings outside the academic curriculum. As an example, a student pursuing mathematics may also have a passion for painting. He can prepare some oil painting or portrait for the college exhibition to follow his passion for painting.

Extra-curricular activities help you to get hired

This may sound unbelievable, but it is the strongest reason to give a room for your extra-curricular activities. They are vital to boost your career prospects as the recruiters always look for candidates having the flexibility to pick some new skills.

If you join a sports club, then the training sessions and the matches will develop your communication, leadership and administrative capabilities. Involving in sports will also instigate teamwork skills.

Some of you can also join a language club to learn Chinese and Spanish (Currently, the most important Business languages in the Global market). A professional certificate in learning business languages will be a great addition to his resume. In some cases, it may be a trump card in getting hired at some MNC. An MBA degree with a versed knowledge of a foreign language may take him ahead from the other applicants during a job interview.

The Role of Parents in Nurturing your Hobbies

The parents should remember about the precept “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. In contrary to that, they are even telling their cubs to play less and study more!” Today, kids are forced to bag very lofty percentages.

Students find the regular examination process and numerous assignments writing arduous because of the pressure and the anxiety. Parents, as well as the teachers, should take active participation in encouraging the learners to engage in extra-curricular activities.

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 Remember the Pitfalls of excessive Extra-curricular activities

One of the adverse affects of too many extracurricular activities is that the students face some academic hindrances. When the students are too engrossed in these recreational works, they hardly get enough time to complete their homework. Eventually, their grades deteriorate and they fail in the tests. They have no other option left but to hire some expert’s enrolling take my online class for me service.

To conclude with, those days had gone when the students used to play regularly! Now they are hooked to the internet and fixed their eyes in the books! We must not deny the crucial role of academics in the student’s future. The college students must not neglect it and need to do well academically. But at the same time, they should not let the extra-curricular activities take a back seat! Both are equally important. Hence, this year take the pledge to date with your extra-curricular activities more!

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