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School and college life is undoubtedly very hectic. In their daily suffocating routine loaded with huge syllabus, assignments, and home tasks the students can’t even manage to get some time for their own selves or nurturing their hobbies. Sitting in class for long hours can sometimes make us inactive and lazy. It is tough to find some free time after the long school and college hours, attaining tuition classes, and after dealing with all the assigned home tasks and project work.

Students tend to be careless about their physical and mental health due to this tiring schedule. But one cannot neglect their health for anything. So, here we are trying to discuss few interesting activities, methods or habits which will keep you fit as well as boost your energy.


 Enroll in the online courses to avoid forceful exams

Nowadays, examinations take place at regular intervals in the most of the schools, colleges and universities. As a result, succeeding in academics and earning good marks have become their top priorities. Their health and fitness is at stake for this pressure and continuously seek external’s help. If you pursue online course, you can schedule the exams at your convenient time and not bound to give exams according to the intuition’s schedule. Just state take my online class exams on the date you have selected and have a discussion over phone, chats or mail regarding the time and the syllabus with your online tutors to schedule your exams.

Take responsibility for your own self-improvement-

You are the creator of your own destiny. So, before anything else, you have to realize that it is high time to think about your self-improvement. No one but it is you who should take the responsibility of your own fitness and self-improvement. Take out some time from your occupied timetable and figure out in which activity you are passionately interested in. Motivate yourself to start a new and fresh routine which rejuvenates your mind and body.

Choose activities you enjoy and nurture your hobby-

Most of the students are not fitness-freak. They can’t perform or enjoy if they choose some hard exercises initially. They have to choose which activity they can enjoy to do in their leisure time. It entirely depends on their choice and liking of the particular activity. Someone prefers swimming, someone likes drawing, one may find gardening interesting, and other may enjoy travelling the most.

Physical exercise and Yoga-

Physical exercise and yoga have listless benefits to keep you fit and healthy. Exercising regularly also helps you remain disciplined. Many students cannot concentrate on their studies or they cannot focus into one single aim. Stress has already engulfed their life. Yoga is the savior in this situation. It helps to reduce stress. You’ll also look fresh and feel better from inside, revitalize your confidence. According to recent research, there are quite a number of students who suffer from insomnia. Doing regular exercise and yoga cures this permanently and helps to have a sweet, sound sleep at night.


Don’t stick within the four walls. One may suffer from depression if he remains indoor for a prolonged period; which is not at all good for his mental health. Nothing can be more refreshing than travelling and exploring some unknown places. So utilize your annual vacation and visit some less crowded places where you can escape from the monotonous harsh reality for some day and enjoy the nature and spend time with yourself peacefully in isolation.

i. Weekend trip– This is possibly the best option to stimulate your mind and your spirit after spending a strenuous week. Take a break from your work, pack your bags, and plan a short trip to any beautiful nearby holiday destination.

ii. Long Drive– If you are a college or university student, then you can avail long driving. If you don’t have your private car, you can also hire any cab to suit your purpose. Otherwise, bike riding is perfect for enjoying long drive. Choose any adventurous friend as your companion and start a fresh day which definitely refreshes your mind.



Academic excellence and bookish knowledge is important; but these are not the ultimate things. You have to keep yourself updated by going through several kinds of books. Similarly, Reading regularly helps to build your vocabulary power and improve your communication skills. Read newspaper daily so that your general knowledge gets improved and you can stay aware of your surroundings. You can also carry some of your favorite books while travelling long distance in train. It makes your journey more relaxing and fascinating.

Change in food habits-

College and school students mostly love eating junk food which has innumerable harmful effects in health. Street foods are main obstacles to achieve fitness. Stop eating that fast food and try to eat healthy, nutritious food. In addition to that, add more fruits, vegetables and dairy products into your diet. Students also have a tendency to skip their breakfast in order to attend morning classes and take meals in wrong time; which is again another harmful habit. Besides taking nutritious food, they also need to conscious of the proper time of eating food to gain fitness.

There are various other factors which can be beneficial in your physical as well as mental health. Some of the general activities are mentioned here which most of the students find interesting and easy to undertake the mission of achieving fitness and self- improvement.

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