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If you are an ambitious homeschool student looking forward to scoring excellently in high school, all you need is to know How To Use Khan Academy For Homeschool?

Khan Academy is one of the most exciting learning platforms to explore the math curriculum at the high school level. For any homeschool student, it is a fantastic resource. It focuses on individual math lessons. The most impressive part is most of the programs are free and can work on various levels. 

About Khan Academy

For a homeschooling student, the Khan academy is a revolutionary platform to track the progress in the subject of maths. If you are pursuing online studies and want to know how to use khan academy for homeschool, read this article to get on the right track.

Teachers use this program to support their classrooms. It is mostly the teachers who ask how to cite khan academy. It has a specific format in which the teachers record the citations. According to the recommendations of Khan Academy, the Chicago Manual of Style(US) is the best format at present. You can find several good sources to determine the correct way to cite material found on the Khan Academy APA, MLA, AMA, or Chicago style.

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What do Khan Academy programs include?

Khan Academy is more than a simple math tutoring website. It includes around 40 different subjects and several instructional videos that cover every core concept. Also, you will be able to learn major subjects like Science Computing Arts and Humanities, Finance, Economics, etc.

Check out the various classes included in the program.

Maths subject includes:



Early Math






Differential Equation


Linear Algebra

Math For Fun And Glory

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The mathematics syllabus in this program is covered from kindergarten to high school.

Science and Engineering topic which are included in the program are

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Health and medicine electrical engineering
  • Cosmology and Astronomy
  • Computing
  • Computer programming
  • Computer Science
  • Hour of Code
  • Computer Animation

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Arts and Humanities cover

  • Art History
  • Grammar
  • Music
  • US History 
  • World history
Economics and Finance

  • Macroeconomics
  • Microeconomics
  • Finance and Capital Markets
  • Entrepreneurship
Khan Academy also prepares you for competitive tests like
  • SAT
  • MCAT
  • GMAT

This is not the end; you will get all that you needed to keep you one step ahead in college admissions on this platform.

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How to use Khan Academy for Homeschool? The steps to explore the program

In this section, we have explored how to join a class on Khan Academy:

1. Select your subject

Khan Academy Answers has several programs. All the subject includes articles, practice problems, and videos that guide you in learning multiple topics. Choose the required course tab to know the various assignments and related articles. You will find the tap on the top and the left side. You can even search for a topic to start the course.

2. Go through the units carefully

After selecting your course, find the topic or unit you want to learn or review. When you get the desired topic, you can get exposure to several exercises, videos, and articles.

Likewise you can also get the Khan Academy Answers once you have the the key and completed the login.

3. Check your skill

In the next step, you can make a smart attempt to write a unit test and check your skills on various topics. Here you get a chance to make out on which subject you need to focus more on.

4. Understand the concepts

This is an amazing platform where you can learn various key concepts through videos with subtitles. You can choose to see the various ideas repeatedly as it is a recorded one.

5. Keep your practice on

Start writing test as and when you learn the concepts. Brainstorm through multiple quizzes, exercises, and tests that enable you to understand where you stand in the competition. Once you have completed brainstorming the quiz answers in khan academy, the Earth science topics are also a great concern. Learn about them.

6. Accept challenges

Together with taking unit tests and passing through various course challenges, if you want to test your competency skill try a mastery challenge. It includes 6questions and reviews 3 skills. You can also customize the system according to your requirements.

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7. Follow a routine

It is instead a tip to help you keep your progress at an increasing state and keep in mind what is going on.

8. Have patience

You cannot learn everything to learn in a day. Hence give yourself time to understand the concepts and do not make it stressful. 

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More on Khan Academy: Energy points, badges, and avatars

More on Khan Academy: Energy points, badges, and avatars

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Energy points

If you ask us what are Khan Academy energy points, we would prefer to say that they are efficient in calculating student effort on Khan Academy. It focuses on the knowledge of the students. You receive points based on the following work

  • When you finish the challenges of various computer programming
  • When a video is watched completely
  • When you practice problems
  • When you complete a task


Badges are rewards for your conduct. It calculates all earning points, proficiency over exercises community-building skills, and other related points.

The levels of badges are divided into

  • Meteorite
  • Moon
  • Earth
  • Sun
  • Black Hole
Whenever you complete a particular activity or a course or even a tutorial, you win the motivational “challenge patches.”


It is an interesting representation that highlights your presence in the Khan Academy. At the time of registration, you are allowed to choose your avatar. As you continue to earn points, more avatars become available to you.

On shifting to your profile page, you can select new background images with more energy points. You can reset your avatar by clicking on the image, which is right after your name.

You also get access to updated versions of avatars by earning more energy points.

How to get the best Khan Academy Answers?

How to get the best Khan Academy Answers?

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Khan Academy Answers are not easy to derive. It needs years of practice and expertise to unlock the multiple assignments that your highly qualified professors set at high school. It becomes pretty challenging for a student to get 100%accurate answers in just one go.

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All your work gets through several layers of checking and hence eliminates all the possibilities of error. This is enough to boost your academic performance, impress your professors, and also take an effective step towards a successful career.  

It is always best to explore new platforms in the field of education. Hence, Use the Khan Academy platform to build up confidence and improve the test scores in every subject. 

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