How to Overcome the Challenges of Online Learning? – 5 Proven Tricks

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October 28, 2020
Dr. Robert DiSilvestro
Why do you think that online learning is more of a challenge? 

That’s because you’re new to one such learning environment. Believe it or not there’s a first time for everything. 

The global pandemic has forced students to choose e- learning portals to be a part of the remote learning process. 

You see the concept of e-learning is not new. In 2018, more than 3.3 million students attended the colleges exclusively online. Between 2017-2018 the number of online learners sprang by 1.6% per year. 

The following chart might help you to analyze the impact of e-learning for undergraduates enrolled in an online education course.

Online Learning Participation Data

(source  –


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This neo-evolution in learning method was expected to benefit the global students but appeared a bit blunt for a few learner groups. 

They faced multiple challenges of online learning while shifting from a conventional mode of learning towards e-learning. 

Let’s take a look through some of those challenges of online learning that stopped them for adapting with smart classrooms,

Poor knowledge of digital learning environment 

Not all students are tech-savvy with an e-learning environment. Those who’re first-timers may not have sufficient technical knowledge in:

  • Logging in an online classroom by putting password credentials 
  • Participating in online discussions
  • Building peer student groups
  • Communicating with a teacher to solve homework problem
  • Online submission of assignments and home tasks, etc.

Most of them are not aware of the benefits of asking someone to take my online course in an online learning environment of a smart classroom.  

To evade these common challenges of e-learning, the following initiatives can be useful:

  • Get acquainted with the advanced tools used in e-learning
  • Get in touch with an expert e-tutor who provides 24/7 assistance to the first-timers enrolling in e-classes.
  • Learn the login process to use your credentials for accessing online homework. Know how to share your details with an e-tutor to get their help while doing your online homework.

Stay connected with expert e-tutors and other peer groups to get detailed guidance for simplifying the challenges of online classes easily. 

Similarly, if you want to learn Best Tips and Tricks to do ExamSoft Cheating, click here.

Poor time management 

Poor time management skill is one of the significant challenges of online learning faced by newbie e-class takers. Most of them are acquainted with traditional modes of learning. Enrolment in digital classes suddenly changes their mode of studying and learning process. Meanwhile, follow here to know the best online class setup.

That’s why at first you must learn how to put your ducks in a row!

By organizing your academic plans time-specific, it’s easy to reduce your problems with an online learning environment. 

Also, read tips to deal with academic stress in online classes.

That way, you can reduce the struggles of online learning and turn it effective instead.  

Let’s find out how?

  • Schedule flexible hours for logging in to an online classroom. That way, it’s less-hectic to balance your professional hours and academic hours. 
  • Allot less time for studying easy topics and maximum time to ace difficult topics
  • Use the teacher student e-interaction session to clarify your doubts. It saves ample time that’s spent in brainstorming on difficult subject topics and complex homework. The saved time can be utilized for carrying out non-academic activities.
  • By optimizing the time, you get ample scope to analyze your academic progress. You may join an online e-test to identify how much you’ve improved. 

Students pursuing their higher studies with a subject like physics need time managing skills to master the subject basics.  

Managing the academic and non-academic activities get easier when they ask an expert to take my online physics class-room.

At the same time, explore some amazing tips to deal speaking anxiety in online classes. 

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Lack of self-motivation

Students familiar with traditional learning environments are too lousy to learn the diverse usage and application of e-learning tools.  

Spending time on Facebook-chatting, playing online games are much more interesting for those learners.  

Frankly, if you lack self-motivation, you’ll always find the challenges of online learning unsolvable. 

Rather, an opposite thought process can boost your self-motivation to enroll in an online class. 


  • Affording e-classes won’t cost you an arm and a leg. What’s wrong being a part of an innovative learning process where learning is more fun?
  • Think of the humiliation you faced for your poor performance? What if you can use the global shutdown as an option to ace your academic performance?
  • Post a hectic academic schedule; you don’t find time to chat with your friends. E-classes can ease your learning process with e-study links, electronic whiteboards, easy math solving sessions, etc. If you fail to follow up the teacher in a specific class downloading the e-lectures of the same tutor is easy. 

Once the academic hours are sorted, you won’t think twice before joining a virtual party with your friends. That’s because online classes have already prepared you for the upcoming exam or test. 

The days of confining yourself in a library to hit the books before exams are over now!
Boosting your self-motivation optimizes the challenges of online learning and unlocks the benefits associated with it.

If you are feeling demotivated by any chance then think about the outcome you expect. Check out our blog on Five Ways to Accelerate Your Career With Online Courses After Pandemic to understand how your career prospects can improve with continuous e-learning. 

Denial to accept an innovative learning set-up

Some learners may not accept the online learning environment in a chemistry classroom. That’s because they may not find it a reliable platform for acing a difficult subject like chemistry. You may now have a look at the ‘Study Tips To Become A Successful Online Student’. The tips can help you in a long way.

Since the subject is associated with:

  • Lab experiments 
  • Challenging maths related to chemistry 
  • Complex chemistry homework, etc.  

Some students might consider a traditional learning setup much more useful than a virtual classroom.  

But do you know, it’s easy to simplify a difficult subject like chemistry by asking an expert e-tutor to take my online chemistry class?

To knock down the challenges of an online learning set-up, the following strategies might be useful.

  • Keep a positive mindset first– Accept the technology that’s steadily changing the face of global education. There’s a huge possibility for the entire education system to get virtualized in the future. The sooner you accept it, it’s easier for you to enjoy the benefits of e-learning.
  • Always show up if you’re facing any learning difficulty- Never be shy to approach the e-tutor if you’re stuck with a subject. Always raise your hands after encountering academic problems.
  • Communicate with a teacher if you like her/him to change the teaching method- If you find it’s challenging to understand the teaching style followed by your chemistry teacher, point it out.   That way, you’re helping the teacher to change the teaching pattern used in a virtual classroom. That helps a teacher to improvise the teaching method while taking online chemistry class.
  • Frame an online peer group- Joining with your e-class mates is another way to accept a changing learning environment. Draft a list of technological changes faced by them in online learning setup. Try to identify what are the challenges of online learning faced by them and how they’re solving it. Communicate with them frequently in a group study session. Find out the learning challenges both of you’re facing. Collaborate with the other online peer groups to evade it effectively.
  • Share your e-practice test scores with e-classmates- It’s quite common for you to perform low in any specific subject. Don’t get disheartened.  That’s because every gray cloud has a silver lining. 

Who knows, by sharing your academic problems, you may get a quick solution? Discuss with your e-academic peers to solve your learning challenges. Similarly help them out in those areas where they need your help. Try some online research about e-learning as it will Give Some Practical Knowledge About Studying On The Internet.

That way, you can help each other to overcome the challenges of an online learning environment.

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Complicated interface

First-timers may get scared by seeing a difficult interface of an e-learning portal.

By enrolling in a virtual class with a complicated navigational setup, a difficult subject like economics turns more complex. That’s why you must avoid registering in an e-learning portal with a complicated interface. 

Discuss with your online peers to find a virtual learning platform with a lucid interface. One such digital podium is effective for asking someone to take my online economics class in the long run. 

Choosing an interactive learning portal might be effective to:

  • Use the available e-learning softwares to make a learning session beneficial 
  • Help a first-timer to navigate through the entire website
  • Know the available options to select a flexible shift to take e-classes 
  • Quick access to the solved economic homework solutions to solve a difficult economics problem with simple logic.  

An online education portal might be difficult for learners to accept after shifting from a traditional learning setup.  

However, that doesn’t mean it’s not an effective way to overcome your academic burdens. 

By implementing some of these hacks mentioned above, it’s easy to overcome the everyday challenges of an online learning podium. As an e-class taker these key strategies might turn your online learning experience academically effective. 

That way, an e-learning platform may surpass the benefits unleashed in a traditional learning environment.

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Dr. Robert DiSilvestro

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