According to the times magazine, New york city has become the Hotspot for COVID-19 cases, with 15,000 of the world 440,000 cases originating from the city.

Doctors and nurses have been working around the clock with a surge in patients, cancelling elective procedures, protective supplies and temporary shutdown of educational institutions.

This leaves a lot of students far behind their peers and estranges for completing their course early.

Online Class Takers may breathe a sigh of relief in such a scenario.

School closures in this scenario refers to the temporary shutdown of physical buildings and traditional in-person institutions.

A recent poll reveals that COVID-19 has impacted at least 125,000 public and private schools and 56.1 million students.

This is in light of the current 98,000 public schools and 34,000 private schools that operate within the United States.

According to the national centre for education statistics, these schools educated 5.9 billion private students.

It gets worse as classrooms are empty from coast to coast as the novel coronavirus spreads and school authorities have put indefinite closures to education.

In California, the Los Angeles unified school district is teaming up with public television stations to broadcast educational shows.

As the schools were announced closing, students were sent home with workbooks, instructional packages and borrowed laptops and wifi hotspots.

Additionally, with the school standardized testing in limbo, some schools have suggested extending the school days and using the snow days for evaluation.

However, the silver lining in this situation is that online classrooms are on the rise and online students can use the opportunity to resume their study or even graduate early!

Although it might not be the best replacement for in-house schooling, online classes have become the only way to reach students with meaningful opportunities.

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With the continually improving reputation, online education brings the following advantages to online students. Such as,

  • 1. Learn your programs

    With the traditional universities shutdown, online learning offers a variety of options for the students. That includes courses from nursing to neuroscience that most universities may not be able to provide. And with the increasing pandemic, going to universities for admission and attending lectures is impossible. However, with online courses, online students can find the program of their choice and study at their own pace. The epidemic lockdown in the United States provides a clear view as to why online classes are not only better than traditional learning but also the safest.Online students can learn and earn every academic degree online, such as from career certificate to a doctorate. Students can admit to a variety of programs and courses at the comfort of their own home. Also, you can follow here to know about when do colleges start.

  • 2. Lower cost

    Online classes are more affordable than traditional universities. That’s a fact! However, with definitive closure to classroom study, online programs show an increasing demand for being educational and pocket friendly. With the rise in the price of natural necessity, online classes show a standard curve in their admission procedure. Most online degrees offer less net tuition prices than traditional colleges. For instance, online students save a lot on commuting (which is not required at the moment) and on course materials such as textbooks which are available online at no cost. Additionally,online students can transfer their credits from universities to their online courses, making it easier for them to advance to the next class. The other affordable online assignment programs such WebAssign Answers would most likely be beneficial to get good grades. 

  • 3. A comfortable learning environment

    In light of the pandemic, online students study easy and safe in the comfort of their own home. They can use this opportunity to plan their courses for the entire day and schedule classes that are flexible and suit their needs. online students can make an affordable adjustment to their work and life balance. The courses are already available online, and they can study at their convenience. This creates special trips to the library unnecessary. Everything they need for studying is possible at the click of the button. No need for calls and unnecessary commute. With a strong network and an operational laptop, online students can sit in their pyjamas and get their degrees studying at home. The instructor uploads course information for the student which they can access through their profile. The medium also acts as the access point for information exchange between the student and the teachers. If the course provides asynchronous classes, students can access and study at their leisure. Synchronous sessions, however, require students to attend their courses at a particular time through online chat or conferencing.

  • 4. More interaction and concentration

    Online classes offer more freedom and increased participation from students who would otherwise remain hidden in fear or shyness in a traditional classroom. Online programs provide students to openly view their ideas and knowledge without the fear of being judged. Because of the anonymity of the platform, online students can openly discuss ideas and get support in return from their peers who have experienced the same. Online courses offer shy or reticent students the opportunity to participate in class discussion more easily than the face-to-face class session. Some students are able to concentrate better in online classes due to lack of classroom activity. Online courses offer a safe space for students to concentrate on their studies and be more productive. online students submit forum posts to engage in peer discussion, which acts as a substitute for in-person class attendance. Weekly readings and course lectures supply learners with trustworthy course information which makes learning useful and engaging.

  • 5. Career advancement

    Students taking online courses can complete their course even while working. Due to the outbreak, students who are working and studying from home, can do both at an equal pace. This comes in particular reference for students who are in between jobs and taking the time to raise a family. Also earning an online degree can show ambition to prospective employers who look for desires in candidates to take new challenges in the face of adversity. online students can also receive extra credit by taking up additional courses and fast track their semester to graduate early. That way they can apply for a new position or a promotion they have been looking forward to. The online course offers advancement programs that can help students to take their career into the next level.

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In solidarity, students can use online courses to fast track their graduation.

A typical study load is four classes a semester and in a year that’s likely to be eight.

Therefore to graduate a year early, eight classes worth of credit should do the trick.

Here are some simple ways to do it.

  • 1. Test out introductory courses

    Students who have taken AP tests in high school or scored well enough on a standardized test may be able to skip introductory courses and move on to the next level. This will help in knocking another session of the list that students do not have to worry about. If a student scores 4s or 5s on the AP exam, most colleges will give them credit. In some scenarios, 3s will earn them credit.

  • 2. Plan from the beginning

    By speaking to the advisor and letting them know about their intention of graduating early can help students in planning their stage of the program. Since many classes have prerequisites that need to be met before enrolling. If online students do not organize their schedule before joining, they may end up a semester behind. online students also have to keep in mind that some classes are only available in one or two semesters for the year. Students should speak with their advisors to ensure they are on the right track to graduate from college early.      

  • 3. Take more than one class

    Taking more than the required number of credit hours to maintain their student’s status should be a good start.  online students can take 15 or 18 credit credits an hour and will do the trick. Taking an extra class during freshman or sophomore years while obtaining a bachelor’s degree can eliminate an entire semester from their senior year. If online students want to graduate a year early, they can take two extra classes each semester.

  • 4. Take CLEP Exam

    CLEP exams help students get college credit by taking exams on courses they already know the most. Students can ask colleges or universities to assist them to get CLEP credits towards their coursework.  Additionally,online students will be saving time and money on their coursework for they won’t be paying tuition and get credits in completing their graduation early.

  • 6. Enrol in dual programs

     online students with a strong work ethic can enrol in dual programs than the average student. The credits will earn then transfer credits which they can transfer to their undergraduate institution. This puts them in a better position to graduate early. However online students can use online services to get things done faster if they are stuck in a rut. For instance, services that provide Mathxl answers online can help them in getting good grades in mathematics.

During these hard time, students looking forward to completing their degree can look into online courses in finishing their studies.

Online students must remain realistic about the workload of each course and the deadlines they have to meet.

They should also get prior approval from their primary institution for each course they want to get their credit transferred

Some students may think of taking multiple classes on one program and applying to a degree in a different institution.

Word to the wise, students should remain careful and review admission requirements before proceeding further.

Students should also check financial aid agreements from one institution to the next as many programs do not accept or offer financial aid from one institution to the next.

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