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At present, online learning practice took place more frequently. Many universities started to partake in online learning, they are providing an online course for free. Online learning represents an easy and contended method to acquire knowledge in almost every subject, from law to accounting, from human sciences to Engineering everything can be found under one website. Online learning proves to be a great substitute to traditional education, especially for those who can’t afford the time and money to take usual courses.

There are numerous online learning providers in the web; they provide services like MyMathLab Answers, Mathematics assignment etc commuting minimal amount of money. They offer efficient and effective service. But some students and parents still rely on the traditional method of writing.

Here we will discuss 5 advantages and also 5 disadvantages of online learning.

Although still many people count traditional education as the best way of learning and get a diploma, they are missed from the advantages of online learning. Online learning enables student to study on their own time. Another way online learning is very effective to boost self-confidence. Other than that student can have ample time to pursue hobbies or any part-time work.

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There are several reasons to prefer Online Learning; down below we have listed some of them:

1.Saves Time-

Online learning privileges you with at home classes, so you don’t have to go anywhere. It saves a lot of time, which you can invest in other tasks that need attention.

2.Learn from Anywhere

For online classes, you don’t have to physically present in a certain classroom for lectures. You can be anywhere in the globe and also attend your lectures on time. If you are a working student, you can take your lectures while office breaks. Portals like MyMathLab Answers offer flexible timing for each individual student.

3.Fosters Convenience

The greatest advantage of online learning is you can attend your classes at your own convenience. You don’t have to go anywhere or compromise any of your plans. Take your lectures anytime you want and. You can learn from anyplace where you are comfortable with.

4.Reduces Expenses

If you learn at your convenience that means you don’t have to go anywhere, which helps you to cut on extra expenses. This is highly useful for those who have a tight budget.

5.Less Tiring and Less Boring

Online learning is good for those who don’t like monotonous activities.  ELearning is a great alternative to boost engagement in studies. You don’t have to attend your class regularly, each evening or morning. You can do it anytime you want. For example, you can take your statistic lessons anytime from mystatlab answers.

6.Instant Learning Materials

On the traditional method of learning, absenteeism comes with its cost. If you miss any class, you have to request your friends for notes, which create hindrances in your learning. But with online learning, any student can access their study materials instantly, whenever they want. MyMathLab answers provide an individual library for each chapter to organize notes, extra source materials etc

7.Fast and Easy Sharing of Resources

Communicating knowledge can increase the ability of comprehension; online learning provides a soft copy which can be easily shared with friends or fellow learners. Not only have that Service portals liked mymathlab answers, mystatlab answers offer discussion group chats for students.

8.Offers a Variety of Courses on One Platform

You can find any course you want to pursue. Online learning programs are acknowledged for their ‘under one room’ service. If you want to enhance your knowledge or level up your resume some learning avenues like my math lab answers offer complete mathematics guide for a student in a very minimal price range.  

9.Builds a Learner’s Character

Online learning is self-learning, which calls for dedication, discipline, and effort. With regular learning experience students has teachers keep them on track, but here personal attitude is the key to success. Only self-driven learners will be favored with great skills.  

Online learning is all about a small group or a person. At usual classes, learners can learn from friends, be patient, avoid disappointment, and especially to compete with fellow learners. Competition between students can be very bracing and will only benefit from it. Online learning lacks human interaction.

Another disadvantage of online courses to the fact that online courses cannot give face-to-face support to every student, which makes it difficult for students as it involves practice and self-learning.

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 1. Internet Connection Problems

Online learning is impossible without the internet, if you have any issue with your internet connectivity, you cannot do anything.  Slow connection is even worse and really annoying.

2.Requires Good skills of Tech

Learning platforms offer online learning software, which is easy to use. But one has to be tech-savvy to cope with daily updates and navigate the software. Without that one cannot operate around a video, task or text, hence the learning becomes stressful.

3.Lacks the cordiality of Face to Face Interaction

Learning in an original classroom is interesting and more engaging as human interaction is present. There are classmates to associate with and teachers to consult for immediate feedback.

4.Unsuitable for Hands-on Fields

There are courses which require practical knowledge, such as surgery, medicine, and other science-related subject, where the student needs to attend lab sessions for various options. Online portals cannot offer that.

In the end, we can see that there are more advantages than disadvantages. We can conclude online learning as a complement of the classical way of learning. Also, it can be seen as the extension of a modern way of learning.  Online portals like MyMathLab answers offer one of a kind online learning for math students.