6 top E-Learning trends that are going to take academia to the next level in 2023

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October 7, 2021
Jane Austen
After careful forecasting carried out by educational experts during the last few months of 2018, they had come up with certain trends that they thought would rule the roster in 2019.

And, needless to say, these trends are only going to grow stronger as the year goes on!

So here is a look at what eLearning has in store for students around the globe for the year 2019.

1.Evolution in the realm of adaptive learning

Pearl Zhu, the author of the widely acclaimed book ‘Digital Master’ once said that “An adaptive mind has better learning capability”.

So what does adaptive learning mean?

It is a form of learning where tutors and professors make use of the latest technology in order to give their students a personalized learning experience.

It is an efficient and effective form of learning where the students feel more engaged.

It had already reached its height of popularity in 2018, and as per official reports go this form of learning is only going to see an upward curve in the year 2019.

Already portals like MyMathLab Answers which renders personalized courses for math students is seeing an increase in the number of users when compared with the number of students that had enrolled in it in 2018.

Experts predict that adaptive learning will only grow in strength this year, as it poses a win-win situation for both educational organizations and the students.


The answer is pretty simple – these organizations will be able to ensure the fact that students become more competitive.

Moreover, the learner will be able to enjoy the learning process as they will be able to access only that content that has been personalized for them.

Many are incorporating online proctoring into their elearning strategy. Proctors monitor the learner’s activity on the screen. Know more about how does proctorio work. 

Thus, it is safe to that the time for experimentation is over and adaptive learning is not only here to stay but is going to further see a spike in this year.

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2. Microlearning

Basically, what Microlearning does is it brings learning to the students.

What does that mean?

It means that the various training needs of the students are met in time, they are easily accessible and is relevant as far as their learning goes.

Therefore, it can also be said that Microlearning modules are ‘fit – to – size’ content which addresses a specific learning requirement of a student.

How can educational organizations profit from it?

Educational organizations that are looking to make use of this form of learning is only going to continue to benefit from this form of learning because of its interesting and innovative nature.

However, the students are going to gain the most from Microlearning, as they can go through the smaller and tailor-made modules more quickly.

This will also enable them to remember most of the stuff they are learning and can revise as many times they want.

Moreover, Microlearning at times makes use of videos, fun quizzes, and small games just to make the learning experience more satisfying and fruitful.

Hence, it should not be surprising at all when the experts say that Microlearning is going to have a more significant impact in the year 2019.

3.Learner Assistance and AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Artificial Intelligence and learner assistance had cashed in big time in the realm of education in the year 2018.

Institutions are now providing students with innovative solutions where bots are assisting the students not only during their learning process but also during their entire course.

Exactly how will it affect the education process in 2019?

As far as the forecast goes, Artificial Intelligence will be used to pick up learner behavior, and also enable to personalize their learning.

And when it comes to personalization of learning, AI will be able to personalize the learning experience based simply on the modules used by them during their time of distress.

Moreover, there will be voice-guided bots which will help the learner to search for content in the modules which are of immediate importance to them.

So, it is safe to say that Artificial Intelligence will have a strong impact on the entire learning experience in 2019 and will continue to be a strong trend as the year progresses.

4.Game-based learning

Yes, you heard it right!! Game-based learning!!

And you ask why?

Well, here is the answer – according to studies conducted by scientists who deal with cognitive sciences, games have a rather profound effect on the learning experience of students, and also helps them to improve their memory.

It makes a student do multiple tasks simultaneously without even realizing that they are doing so, as the format of learning becomes enjoyable.

Moreover, what is most important is that as the retention level of the students improves, they can better apply what they have learned at their respective workplaces.

However, in order to make the process successful, the games should be well thought out so that it is capable of addressing the various needs of the students and also engages them fully.

So, in 2019 game-based learning can be said to take the world of academia by storm.

5.Learning via watching videos

If there is one form of learning that has really taken off since the last couple of years, then it has to be video-based learning.

This is because not only does watching a video engages a student more effectively, but also because it is a known fact that students learn better when they are exposed to an audio-visual mode of learning.

In addition, students also find that an audio-visual learning model provides them with live assistance and solution to many of their problems.

It is for this reason that websites like buyonlineclass.com that provide online classes are becoming so much popular.

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6.Content Curation

The year 2018 saw heavy support from the world of academia and experts dealing with academics.

And this trend is here to stay in 2019 and beyond!!

This is because experts predict that Learning Management Systems or LMSs will keep on growing and it will offer Content Curation as an important means of exchanging information and provide the learners with an experience they deserve.

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