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Calling has become free now. Enjoy calling your dearest ones with the free apps and do not have to worry about your balance. You can call anytime and from anywhere to the one whom you want to talk. In addition, you can also make international calls with these free offline mobile apps. If the one whom you want to call does not have internet connection or have this app downloaded you can also make the call. These applications are made for people who miss their relatives and friends the most but are unable to talk to them for low mobile balance. These apps help you to keep a contact with your friends regardless of your mobile balance. Not only you can call when you miss someone or wants to talk to them, but also this app is very effective when you do not have balance in your phone and you have to make an urgent call. The apps can be handled very easily. The apps that would help you to make calls offline are as follows:

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The image shows the main webpage of Libon, a Calling Apps for Students to Make Free Calls in Android


The Libon is a free calling app that enables you to make both local and international calls without having much balance in your phone. It is also regarded as VoIP which clearly explains the Voice over Internet Protocol. The features that it offers to its users are as follows:

  • It offers the Libon Users with the unlimited calls from Libon to Libon.
  • To Libon non-users, it offers 30 Minutes per month
  • It offers 60 minutes for recommending this app to their friends.



The image shows the main webpage of Nanu, a Calling Apps for Students to Make Free Calls in Android

This is another app of the similar kind. But, it has been involved in this segment newly and it is the latest app for you to use. The more you recommend this app to your friend to use this will help you earn more call minutes which you can use to talk to your close ones later. This app also offers you with 15 minutes per week. If compared then I can say, Nanu is offering you with more talk minutes. It not only supports India but also involves Argentina, New Zealand, China, Brazil, Germany, France, Hungary, Israel, Hong Kong and many more. It becomes more interesting when you can simply save you Non- Nanu Minutes that are incurred by the ISD calls.


The image shows the main webpage of Dingaling, a Calling Apps for Students to Make Free Calls in Android

Another most interesting app that you can use is the Dingaling app. This app is highly downloaded by the students mostly who lives aboard. This app offers its users with the maximum amount of calling minutes. You can get 10 minutes per day on using this app with the help of your Wi-Fi connections. You can also get unlimited call for any mobile or landlines. Isn’t it an interesting one?


The image shows the main webpage of Textnow, a Calling Apps for Students to Make Free Calls in Android

Textnow is another exclusive app that helps you stay connected with families and friends staying far away. This app is primarily featured for its free calling and texting services which you can access through multiple devices. The all-new textnow offers unlimited calling and texting, which means there is no way you feel isolated while staying away from your near and dear ones. All you just need to have is a stable internet connection, and you can keep in touch with your acquaintance round the clock. For students who fail to maintain long-distance relationships with families and friends, textnow is the perfect answer for them. Just download the textnow app on your phone and enjoy the high-tech features of textnow on your phone, tablet and desktop today. Check out for its best features

  • Unlimited free phone and texting facilities
  • Voicemail services to stay updated in your absence
  • Group texting service 
  • Conference calling facilities

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This is another app that helps you calling out your friends and relatives without making any recharge in your phone. This marvelous feature helps you to make calls both nationally and internationally. This app helps you to call in urgency. When you do not have balance and you really need to make the call, Digitone is the solution. You would also get free calling minutes if you recommend this app to your friends. It offers the Digitone users with unlimited call facilities so that you stay connected with your dearest one. The most significant advantage for using the app is that the person whom you are calling should have the app. Only if you have the app downloaded in your mobile then only it is enough.


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